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  • Replacing Your BMW Spark Plugs

    Dallas BMW Repair Spark PlugsThe age old term of “tune-up” refers mainly to the ignition systems of older vehicles that used distributors, spark plugs wire and points style ignition systems. These outdated systems have been replaced with modern coil-on-plug style ignition systems with zero moving parts and extended service intervals.

    Starting with the 1999 year model, most BMWs have been factory equipped with platinum-tipped …

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  • When Should I Have the Oil Changed in My BMW?

    Though a simple enough question, this is still a matter of some debate among service providers and BMW enthusiasts alike. BMWs are “engineered” to have 12,000 and up to 15,000 mile (or one year) oil change intervals. Exactly who engineered this extended service interval? Was it the engine designers or perhaps the accountants? Changing the engine oil sooner can only …

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  • Ultimate Bimmer Service Equipped with Latest 3G Dealer Technology

    Dallas BMW Repair - 3GOur Dallas BMW repair facility is the first fully equipped with the latest 3G (third generation) BMW dealer level technology for performing advanced diagnostics and vehicle software reprogramming. The 3G system replaced the 2G system which consisted of the old GT1/DIS+ for diagnoses and the now outdated Progman/SSS for programming, with the newest ISID for diagnoses and ISTA-P for programming.…

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  • BMW 335i Test Drive

    Dallas BMW Repair 335i

    In our continued effort to stay up to date with the latest in BMW offerings, we made it out to BMW Drive for Team USA event in Dallas. Not only did we have a chance to drive the latest F30 335i we also got to contribute to Team USA for our scheduled test drive.

    There are many new changes with …

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  • Customer Testimonials

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  • Ultimate Bimmer Service Launches New Website

    Ultimate Bimmer Service is proud to present our new website…

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