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  • Indications that Your BMW’s PCV Valve is Failing

    All modern vehicles use a PCV valve. This is an innovation in the automotive industry that was invented to help control the vapors that are released inside your engine. These gases can cause damage to your engine, if not released from the compartment. However, you can guess that we don’t want these harmful toxins released into the air. The PCV valve is designed to regulate this, and when it isn’t working properly, it can cause your BMW many problems. Let’s continue to take a closer look below at this important component of your BMW.

    BMW Engine Misfire

    What is a PCV valve?

    The …

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  • Call A Specialist in Carrolton to Know if Your BMW Needs 91+ Octane

    Car owners of a BMW may wonder whether they can use regular unleaded fuel for their BMW or if they need to use special higher-octane fuel that is found with 91+ Octane. Because BMW is designed with a higher performance standard compared to many of the vehicles on the road, it is important that car owners of this model stick with a strict maintenance regimen. This extends to using the right type of fuel when you visit the gas station.

    BMW 91+ Octane

    Using the right type of gas on the BMW will help it last longer and can keep it …

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