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  • How to Handle a Ball Joint Failure in BMW’s 3 Series

    The most-sold, most well-recognized, and most popular BMW models in the history of the brand is none other than the incredible 3 Series vehicles. The engineering in the various models, whether it be the Gran Turismo or the Sedan, makes these cars outstanding in handling, performance, and endurance—just to name a few aspects of perfection. While we recognize that no machine is indeed perfect, BMWs come quite close (even though we’re biased). It’s important to remember that your BMW has its own susceptibilities that you should be aware of. Even the incredible 3 Series cars have their share …

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  • Do Electronic Issues in Your BMW Bug you?

    Few BMW owners can complain about their cars. BMW’s are notoriously one of the best-selling vehicles worldwide because they perform like racecars with the modern conveniences of the average family car. BMW drivers aren’t all fanatics, but it’s hard not to appreciate the majestic quality of such machines. In other words, you’re born again when you step into a Bimmer. Unfortunately, even these engineering masterpieces have their own unique issues—and they’re further unique among different models of BMWs. Therefore, it’s essential to find qualified, honest automotive specialists to maintain and repair your Bimmer.

    One common, general issue among several BMW …

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