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  • Driving Tips for Ongoing Optimal Performance in Your BMW

    Driving habits play a big role in your BMW’s performance. It’s ok to have a little fun now and then, after all it’s your choice to run the risk of getting a speeding ticket! However, your daily driving habits can have a serious effect on your BMW’s long-term performance and repair issues. Along with individual driving habits, driving conditions play a huge part in how your car wears and accumulates mileage. For instance, a car with 30,000 miles on it is expected to be in pretty great condition; however, if it was beat on for those 30,000 miles then who …

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  • Tips to Address Foggy Headlights in Your BMW

    If you drive a BMW, then chances are you’re pretty pleased overall with its performance and aesthetic appeal – at least it wouldn’t surprise us because they’re one of the most highly revered brands in automotive history. However even BMWs experience some of the common problems that other cars encounter. One issue that affects your BMW’s performance as well as its aesthetic appeal is the condition of the headlights.

    BMW Headlight

    Yellowing or foggy headlights are problematic for safety reasons, as it dulls the quality of the light emitted onto the road required for safety, but it also looks terrible. …

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