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  • Common Causes for a Rattling Roof on Your BMW E93 Convertible

    Driving BMW’s E93 retractable-hardtop convertible is exciting and carefree. If you are in a place with a good amount of sunshine, there is no better feeling than throwing the convertible roof back and experiencing a relaxing drive, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin.

    When the BMW E93 was first released, it was the top of its class. What set this vehicle apart from the other similar vehicles was that it took advantage of a hardtop roof. This was not a common feature when the BMW E93 first came out, and the design of it …

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  • Who to Contact in Carrollton for BMW Valve Cover Leak Repairs

    BMW has a strong reputation for offering high-performance and high-quality to drivers around the world. Popular for decades, BMW are reliable, innovative, and stylish. However, something which can dampen the experience of owning a BMW is part failure. Because of this, we will take a closer look at valve cover leaks and who to call if you need this issue resolved.

    BMW Valve Cover Leak

    What is the valve cover?

    Your BMW may have one or two valve covers, depending on the way that it has been configured.  A standard four or six-cylinder engine will only require one valve cover, while those of …

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