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Reasons Your BMW’s Engine Might Leak Oil

A BMW is a luxury vehicle and owning one is a privilege many work hard for. Each make and model of BMW are designed to stand out and turn heads. They are created and developed with the driver in mind, because who wouldn’t want to drive around in style? The exterior is then matched with an interior that is a cut above the rest.

BMW Engine Oil Leak

The BMW isn’t just pretty — it’s also engineered for a smooth, safe ride with an engine designed for power. Under the hood of every BMW is a performance engine that is built to last. The engine has the speed and capabilities to compete with any other luxury vehicles on the market.

Once that you have owned your BMW for many years, you may begin to notice certain things not working as well as they used to. One issue that you may come across is the engine leaking oil. You will know that your BMW is leaking engine oil because you will see a puddle of oil on the driveway, or you may smell the stench of burning oil. Below are a few reasons why this can happen to your BMW.

Compromised Drain Plug

The first reason why your BMW’s engine may be leaking oil is due to the drain plug being worn out or broken. The drain plug is located on the underside of your BMW. The drain plug is where the engine oil is removed from the vehicle in order for the oil to be replaced with new oil. It may be a possibility that the drain plug was damaged during that process so it does not fit back in place as it should.

Over time, the drain plug goes through normal wear and tear, so it could become corroded and no long seal this hole as it was intended to do. If it is the drain plug causing the engine oil leaks, then it will need to either be replaced or screwed back in properly so it is not loose.

Issues with the Valve Gasket Cover

The valve gasket cover plays a large part in preventing engine oil leaks. The valve gasket cover is a seal that connects the valve cover and the engine and it serves to keep the oil in the areas it needs to be. The engine oil is brought up to the top of the engine, where it is sent back down to beneath the valve cover so the oil can trickle down to the necessary areas in the engine through drainage holes. If there is an issue with the valve gasket cover, then the oil will leak all over the engine and end up in a puddle on the ground.

Infrequent Oil Changes

BMW has recommendations regarding when you need to have your engine oil changed for each model of their vehicles. It is always recommended to follow that because if not, the old oil will corrode and break down the parts it is moving through. Old oil is full of tiny particles, and the older the oil, the harder it will be for your BMW to pull out the impurities. With the old and dirty oil flowing through the engine, the parts will start to get worn down due to the contamination and the sludge. In order to prevent damage to other parts of engine, getting regular oil changes is suggested.

Trust the Pros

Now that you have noticed there is engine oil leaking from somewhere in your BMW, you will want to take it in for servicing. When you bring your BMW into our expert service technicians at Ultimate Bimmer Service, you know that you can count on quality service.

BMW Owner with Mechanic

Conveniently accessible from the Carrolton and Dallas, TX areas, our technicians are trained only in BMW so you can rest assured in the fact that they will know the ins and outs of your BMW. You will be able to easily schedule an appointment, then diagnostics will be run to determine where the leak is originating from. If a part needs to be replaced, we will use the best part available, without having to charge you dealership prices. We always ensure that you and your BMW are safely back on the road as soon as possible.

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