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Brake system diagnostics, ISTA/D & GT1 Diagnostics, Programming & Encoding, Warning light diagnosis

  • Brake system bleeding
  • Brake pads
  • Brake discs / rotors
  • Brake lining / pad wear sensor
  • Brake caliper
  • Brake hose / line
  • Parking brake shoes
  • EMF Electro-Mechanical Parking Brake
  • Brake fluid flush

BMW Brake Repair in Carrollton Done By Pros!

Bimmers are loved because they’re fast and handle like a dream. But stopping is arguably just as important as going. That’s why when you need a BMW brake repair in Carrollton, you need to come to us. Our Carrollton auto shop is the dream as it incorporates dealership-grade parts and quality service with all the locally owned, southern charm.

Parking brake adjustment, Brake master cylinder, Power brake booster, DSC Dynamic Stability Control

  • ASC Automatic Stability Control
  • DTC
  • Brake light switch
  • Brake pressure sensor
  • SZL Steering Column Switch-Center
  • Wheel speed sensor
  • Wheel bearing
  • Steering angle sensor
  • Wiring harness repair

Tire rotation, Tire pressure, TPM Tire Pressure Monitor, FTM Flat Tire Monitor

  • RDC Low tire pressure / Flat tire detection
  • RPA Low tire pressure / Flat tire detection
  • Wheel Electronics Module
  • TPM Sensor
  • TPM Antenna

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