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Tips to Maintain Your BMW 228i

If you have invested in a BMW 228i, you want to make sure that your vehicle is well-maintained. This includes things that you can do to the internal components, such as regular checks and replacements, as well as exterior things you can do to make changes and improvements to the longevity of your vehicle.

Under the Hood Maintenance for BMW 228i

The key to maintaining your BMW starts with following factory settings for recommended services and taking care of the internal components in your vehicle. Things like the transmission fluid will start to become much more important as your BMW reaches 70000 miles. Every 15000 miles, you should have your transmission fluid flushed. It is going to be much more efficient for you to regularly service your transmission then it will be to pay for a replacement. Long-term, the cost of flushing your system and replacing filters will be one-twentieth of a replacement transmission.

BMW Steering

The steering system plays a very big role in your ability to control your BMW, so the power steering fluid should be flushed as well, every 50,000 miles. Your power steering fluid, like all fluids in your vehicle, will break down over time and become contaminated. The more contaminated the fluid, the more likely you will have failures and leaks. In almost all cases you can replace or flush all of your fluids at the same time if you budget accordingly. At approximately 50,000 miles you want to get most of your internal components tracked by one of our professionals.

Changing the oil is another important maintenance tip for long-term vehicle health. The BMW owner manual recommends that you have your oil changed at minimum every 12,000 miles. It is recommended by our professionals that you try to do this twice as much, at approximately every 5,000 miles. This will prevent carbon buildup in your intake valves and any subsequent problems. If you drive in hotter climates, you are going to want to have your oil changed more often.

Daily Maintenance Tips for Your BMW 228i

In addition to regular mechanic services, there things you can do to maintain the exterior and interior of the vehicle itself. During the hotter summer months, you should try to keep your car parked in the shade if at all possible. UV rays will damage the interior and exterior of your vehicle over time. Keeping your car clean actually helps it run more effectively as well. Dirt and particulate matter can damage the more delicate components of your vehicle, so keeping them away will prevent this damage.

You should also protect the leather in your vehicle with a cover or a protector. Wax your car on the outside to prevent rust. Check the tires on a regular basis with the penny test for tire tread. Clean or restore your headlights. You can buy a restoration kit and do this at home for less than $30. All it takes is a matter of minutes to clean your lenses and help your headlights revive their original luster.

Try to schedule your errands so that they all are done at the same time. When you make shorter trips, you’re continually turning your vehicle on and off, which adds unnecessary wear and tear. If you can, do everything at the same time. Try and drive carefully, not aggressively. BMW owners in particular might want to succumb to the temptation to enjoy the speed and handling the cars can dish out, but if done regularly this only causes further damage to your vehicle. Finally, remember that your BMW is a high-performance machine and it needs clean gas. You want gas that has been filtered, and that isn’t mixed with components that water down the product both literally and figuratively. Pick a brand that you trust and pay for the higher quality gas.

BMW Exterior Maintenance

Ultimate Bimmer Service

If at any point you need regular maintenance or services performed, or you just want professionals to check on your vehicle, let us know. We have the years of experience needed to ensure your BMW is treated properly.

If you need help with regular maintenance on your vehicle, call us at Ultimate Bimmer Service. Our team of professionals are certified to work on BMW makes and models and we are convenient to both Carrolton and Dallas, TX. Call or stop by today to make an appointment with our skilled service technicians.

* BMW Steering image credit goes to: annopk.

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