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  • The Leading Repair Shop in Dallas to Fix a Tail Lamp Assembly Problem in a BMW

    BMW is the standard for creating a luxury car that perfectly combines comfort, safety, and power. These cars can be subject to breakdowns and necessary repairs, the same as any other automobile. A common issue that BMW owners may face is that the tail lamp assembly may develop issues. It may not seem like the biggest problem in the world, but the tail lamp is central to driving safely, especially at night.

    BMW Tail Lamp


    If your BMW starts having this problem, it is vital to seek the help of a professional right away. Keep reading to learn more about the …

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  • How You Can Prevent Corrosion of Your BMW’s Alloy Wheels

    Alloy wheels are the most common type of wheel on BMW’s off the dealership floor. They are made of light-weight aluminum and are painted with shiny silver or a flat metallic color and clear coated, much like the paint job on your car. Alloy wheels come in varying sizes to match the size of your tires. There are all sorts of spoked, & classic versions. Like the paint on your BMW and the components therein, your alloy wheels will need care and maintenance.

    BMW Alloy Sports Wheel

    Wheels vs. Rims vs. Tires

    Let’s take a quick look at these components for …

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