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  • How to Prevent Corrosion of the Door Handles in Your BMW From Experts in Denton

    We all like to keep our cars as clean as possible. That’s why it can be so off-putting for the average BMW owner to discover that their interior door handles, especially those on the passenger side, have become sticky and mushy over time.

    This is a relatively common occurrence in certain BMW models, but luckily, there are some things you can do to help prevent this from happening. If it does happen to your car, fixing the problem or replacing the handle is a pretty simple procedure for an experienced BMW mechanic.

    BMW Door Handle

    Preventing Corroded Door Handles Before They

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  • The Best Repair Shop in Denton to Fix a Faulty Timing Belt in Your BMW

    One vital component of your BMW that you may be overlooking is the timing belt, which plays a huge role in keeping your vehicle’s engine running smoothly. If this component fails, it can cause serious problems for the rest of the engine and may even cause your vehicle to break down entirely. As such, all BMW owners should know how to identify and respond to the causes, signs, and symptoms of timing belt failure.

    BMW Timing Belt

    How the Timing Belt Works

    As its name suggests, the timing belt is a rubber belt that synchronizes the timing between your BMW’s camshaft

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