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  • Weekly Update At Ultimate Bimmer Service

    Dallas BMW Repair

    At Ultimate Bimmer Service we love it when our customers improve the performance of their BMW’s. We have installed many aftermarket parts for our customers, including headers, down-pipes, intercoolers, supercharger kits, oil catch cans, JB kits, coil-overs, cold air kits, improved bushings and mounts, rear sub frame reinforcement , etc. This week we had the privilege to remove and drain an oil catch can that we installed on a nasty fast Cobb stage 2 335i. We also performed BMW Walnut Blasting Carbon Removal on another 335i this week, improving the fuel economy, efficiency, and throttle response.

    There was a beautiful …

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  • A Typical Week At Ultimate Bimmer Service

    Just a weekly follow up here at Ultimate Bimmer Service your 1 stop BMW repair shop in Dallas. This week we had another musty smelling AC system in a 2002 BMW 540i, we performed the same Wynn’s 2-stage AC system deodorizer treatment used at local BMW dealers at a THIRD of the dealer price. There was another E46 3 Series in for the taillight ground repair that was already performed at the Dealer under the SIB 63 06 11. Unfortunately the dealer performed the repair incorrectly, after the customer tried to get the dealer to correct their mistake and contacted …

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  • N63, N74, N54 Injector Update

    BMW’s direct injected engines have had a little rough going early on namely in the N54, which thankfully has been improved with warranties and parts from BMWNA that have corrected the High Pressure Pump (HDP) failure. But the fuel injectors have had their share of issues throughout with no extended warranty offered from BMW. Thankfully new injectors were recently released from BMW for the N63, N74, and N54 with “improved internal filtering” and “special thermo compensating oil”. Unfortunately the new injectors have “calibration” and “construction differences” that prevent them from being intermixed with older style injectors “index 10”, but they …

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