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What to Know About N55 Bearing Failure

For many drivers owning a BMW is the pinnacle of luxury and performance. BMW has remained one of the premiere European-made vehicles for decades and consistently set and raise the bar when it comes to things like performance, reliability and interior comforts and technology. However like any other car they are not immune from sudden issues and recent models featuring the N55 engine have seen multiple problems related to bearing failures. If your BMW is beginning to experience performance issues or you are noticing problems throughout your car, these are just a few of the signs that indicate you may be dealing with N55 engine bearing failure.


A Little More About the N55 Engine

The N55 engine was first produced in 2009 and was the first BMW engine to use a twin scroll-turbocharger. While variations of the N55 are still in production and use today they began to faze them out of BMW vehicles after BMW introduced the B58 engine in many of their newer models.

The Problem

Many BMW drivers with N55 engines have experienced engine failures and issues related to bearings inside the engine. When this occurs you’re often stuck looking at complete engine replacements and repairs totaling over $10,000 to fix the issue and repair all of the damages caused.

What Causes Bearing Failure

There are multiple reasons why your engine may have bearing issues but some of the most common include:

1. Running Engine Hard on Cold Oil

If you immediately start driving hard after you turn your car on then you’re running a risk of spinning bearings in your engine. As your oil heats up the oil chains thicken and increase protection.

2. Excessive Power Mods

When you add extra power to your car it often means added boost, timing and AFR to get that extra power. All of this power means higher combustion chamber temperatures and instances where the piston and rod are hit so hard that the rod temporarily breaks through the oil film and spins the bearing.

3. Manufacturing Defects

Another possible cause for problems is fluke manufacturing defects. Because this issue has been documented occurring in both new and older models and as well as in high mileage and low mileage vehicles, sometimes the issue is simply a malfunctioning part or an undetected and unfortunate defect.

REMEMBER: In most instances of bearing failure the issue is caused by a lack of lubrication. Whether it’s an extended time between oil changes, an oil leak or some other issue make sure to continually follow your BMW’s service and maintenance programs to help limit the possibilities of serious performance issues and damages.

BMW on Parking Lot

Your Go-to BMW Experts

If you are experiencing issues with your BMW or believe your engine may be affected by a faulty bearing, the team at Ultimate Bimmer Service in Carrolton, TX is here to help. With decades of experience working with BMW vehicles, our expert mechanics help you continue to get the best performance possible out of your car while following all of the necessary maintenance requirements.

Whether you’re looking to schedule preventative maintenance for your BMW or you are in need of engine repairs and rebuilds because of N55 bearing failure our shop has all of the needed equipment and materials to get the job done right and as affordably as possible. When buying a BMW you expect to receive years of superior comforts and performance and sudden issues can make it less of a dream car and more of a nightmare. Instead, call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment for your BMW and see why our mechanics are the area’s #1 dealership alternative.

* BMW M3 image credit goes to: bizoo_n.

* BMW on Parking Lot image credit goes to: huettenhoelscher.

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