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Effects of Broken Rear Springs on Your Car

Driving off the lot in a new car is an amazing feeling. You want to keep this car in great condition for as long as you can. The longer you keep your vehicle, the older it gets and the more important proper maintenance becomes. When the maintenance is done at the proper times, you will be able to keep your car running for a longer period of time. Even with regular servicing on your car, you are going to run into issues. One of the problems that you may run into when it comes to your vehicle is broken rear springs.

Car Rear Spring

When your vehicle has rear springs that are broken, you will notice significant and possibly dangerous effects. This is due to the fact that the springs are part of the suspension. The suspension, in turn, is what keeps the car off the ground and allows for a smooth ride even when going over bumps. If the rear springs are going out or are completely broken then there are a few symptoms you should watch out for, as they will indicate to you when the broken rear springs need to be fixed immediately.

Flat Back Tires and Broken Wheels

A broken rear spring will cause your vehicle to have flat tires. This is due to the fact that the springs are no longer able to hold the weight of the back of your car. The tires are not built to have this amount of pressure on them without it being properly distributed. Once your car has flat tires, you will only be able to drive a very short distance, although this is not recommended. Driving with flat back tires can be dangerous because your ability to slow down or stop becomes impaired. Steering your vehicle will also become very difficult.

A broken wheel is going to be another effect of broken rear springs. A broken wheel is not something you will be immediately aware of until the wheel cracks completely and leaves you unable to drive the car. The rear wheels will begin with a crack, which will eventually lead to a completely broken wheel if left unaddressed. A cracked or broken wheel can cause accidents, as it can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Your Car is Bouncing

When the rear springs are broken, they will have a significant effect on your drive. As previously noted, the springs help to keep the vehicle level as you are driving anywhere from a seemingly smooth road to a road that is filled with dips and holes. When the rear springs are broken, your car will not provide the smooth ride that you are used to. It will become very uncomfortable and you will feel every dent your vehicle goes over. You will also feel the frequent bouncing as you go over speed bumps or even in and out of a driveway.

Not only will this be very uncomfortable, but it can also lead you to be involved in dangerous situations. If the bouncing is not something you are used to, then this sudden appearance could cause you to lose control while steering and may lead to an accident.

Fixing the Broken Rear Springs

Once you become aware of broke rear springs in your car and the dangers that go along with them, it is time to take it in for repairs. With Ultimate Bimmer Service being easily accessible from the areas of Carrolton and Dallas, TX, you will be able to easily get an appointment for your car to be serviced.

Discussion With Auto Mechanic

Once you bring your car in, it will be inspected by a trained technician who will run the proper diagnostics on it. The results of these diagnostics will identify if one or both of the rear springs will need to be replaced. The technicians will also be able to tell you if one of the previously mentioned effects needs to be addressed. With all the necessary information, the technicians will go over the options that you have. They will also take the time to discuss with you the costs of the parts that need to be replaced. Our technicians will always ensure that these parts are dealership quality, without charging you those high prices. We will always work quickly and efficiently to get you and your vehicle safely back on the road.

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