• Signs of Misalignment in Your BMW

    You rely on your car to get from point A to point B and all the other points in between. Keeping up with the proper maintenance and service is the best way to ensure your vehicle remains running in its optimal condition.

    One issue that can occur is misalignment. Misalignment should be repaired as soon as possible so other parts in your vehicle do not become impacted as well. The best way to catch the problem early is to know the signs of misalignment and detailed information about how and when the misalignment occurred.

    BMW Car

    Common Signs of Misalignment in

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  • How to Fix a Clogged Fuel Injector in Your BMW

    One problem that can occur in your BMW is a clogged fuel injector. When your fuel injector gets blocked by dirt and debris buildup, it will reduce fuel flow and can prevent the fuel from combusting properly. This will often cause a number of nasty issues to manifest, changing the way your BMW’s engine performs.

    Below are a few signs all car owners need to watch for to determine if their fuel injector is becoming clogged. Some of these include:

    BMW Used Fuel Injector

    • The engine seems to run roughly.
    • Engine cylinders are not firing well.
    • The engine begins to have trouble

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  • Indications that Your BMW’s PCV Valve is Failing

    All modern vehicles use a PCV valve. This is an innovation in the automotive industry that was invented to help control the vapors that are released inside your engine. These gases can cause damage to your engine, if not released from the compartment. However, you can guess that we don’t want these harmful toxins released into the air. The PCV valve is designed to regulate this, and when it isn’t working properly, it can cause your BMW many problems. Let’s continue to take a closer look below at this important component of your BMW.

    BMW Engine Misfire

    What is a PCV valve?

    The …

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  • Call A Specialist in Carrolton to Know if Your BMW Needs 91+ Octane

    Car owners of a BMW may wonder whether they can use regular unleaded fuel for their BMW or if they need to use special higher-octane fuel that is found with 91+ Octane. Because BMW is designed with a higher performance standard compared to many of the vehicles on the road, it is important that car owners of this model stick with a strict maintenance regimen. This extends to using the right type of fuel when you visit the gas station.

    BMW 91+ Octane

    Using the right type of gas on the BMW will help it last longer and can keep it …

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  • The Importance of an Alternator Bracket Seal in a BMW

    Regular maintenance and tune-ups are absolutely essential for the efficiency of your BMW. These luxury vehicles are finely crafted for the best possible driving experience. If issues arise, such as a broken alternator seal, it can spell disaster for your car and your checkbook if not dealt with properly.

    Alternator Bracket Seal: What It Does and How It Works

    Let’s start off with the basics. We’ll go through this step by step. The alternator is responsible for helping to charge your BMW’s battery. It does this by converting the kinetic energy created by the car into electrical …

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  • How Does a Bad Thermostat Affect Your BMW’s Performance?

    The thermostat in your BMW plays a critical role in its performance. Although not very common, its failure can wreak havoc on its engine. To prevent any problems, a savvy driver needs to understand what a bad thermostat will do to their vehicle.

    First, let’s understand how a thermostat regulates several of the processes in your car’s performance so it’s clear how its failure can damage your BMW.

    BMW Bad Thermostat

    The Engine Thermostat

    The thermostat’s job is incredibly simple, and it is thus an incredibly simple piece of technology. The thermostat is a valve in your car’s cooling system which controls …

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  • Top Reasons for Rust in Your Battery Terminals in Your BMW in Carrollton

    BMWs are sophisticated, stylish, and powerful vehicles with equally powerful batteries. However, if you’ve recently taken a look at your BMW’s battery, you may have noticed rust forming in its terminals. This rust can be caused by a number of factors and is almost always a sign that your vehicle’s battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

    Coroded BMW Battery

    External Vehicle Rust Versus Battery Corrosion

    As you may have noticed, battery terminal corrosion often looks rather different from the rust you might find on the outside of a vehicle. Whereas the latter is usually a dull red, the …

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  • Reasons for Leaks from Your BMW’s Oil Filter Housing and Gasket

    There are a number of parts under the hood of your vehicle that can have problems, even in cars as reliable as BMW. Despite this, rest assured that these issues are completely normal and that getting them fixed usually just takes a quick trip to the mechanic’s shop. There are certain issues that can cause additional problems, however, and these are the issues that you should take care of right away.

    BMW Low Engine Oil Light

    One such issue is a problem with leaking oil. No matter where oil is leaking from, whether you can visibly see it or not, do not attempt …

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  • Replacement of a Broken Radiator Cap in Your BMW in Carrolton

    Any problem that comes up with your trusted BMW can be disconcerting, but the fact that most issues are harmless if fixed right away should put your mind at ease. A broken radiator cap is an example of a problem that isn’t too severe, but should still be fixed as soon as it’s discovered.

    The radiator system as a whole is complex, and the cap is simply a small part of that system. To actually understand the importance of fixing the radiator cap when it breaks, you need to understand what the radiator does and what the cap itself is …

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  • Recognize Common Electronic Problems in Your BMW

    In today’s day and age, cars are becoming more reliant on electricity. Whether they are using this electricity to aid in driving or using it for the cabin’s creature comforts, electricity is needed heavily for our vehicle’s complex operations. Given this reliance on the system, and the extreme voltages running through cars, there are bound to be electrical issues.

    BMW Battery Warning Light

    Spotting these electrical issues when they occur and get them fixed by a professional is the best way to keep your vehicle functioning at the level designed. Furthermore, serious electrical problems can be detrimental to the overall health of your …

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