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  • Factors Causing Battery Safety Terminal Failure in a BMW from Certified Mechanics in Frisco

    The BMW’s power supply and control system are distinct from other battery power management systems in that it is simple and self-contained. The battery safety terminal sensor is part of the battery positive clamp that clamps to the battery post and is mounted at the end of the battery positive cable.

    When your car is engaged in an accident, the battery safety terminal is designed to disconnect the battery. It plays an important role in the BMW battery’s overall functionality and safety. When the BST sensor fails, the airbag light illuminates. Once the BST has been …

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  • Tips To Effectively Look After Your BMW 6 Series

    Without a doubt, vehicles make movements faster and convenient. Although most car brands try to provide their customers with optimum comfort and speed, BMW stands out among the rest. BMW 6 Series owners would attest that their cars are more than just a means of transportation. They are also a treasure. Treasures are precious and must be appropriately maintained to last longer, and the BMW 6 series is no different.

    BMW Car

    Routine maintenance of your BMW 6 Series will go a long way in preserving its functions and delaying wear and tear. We know that wear and tear is inevitable due …

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