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  • Fixing Windows In BMW

    Dallas BMW Window Repair

    BMW window regulators just don’t last forever, every week we replace broken window regulators. Our best advice with a new window regulator is to use it more than never! When the window is not used for an extended period, build-up in the window channel can cause the window to stick in the guide, when you go to open the window heavy loading takes place on the regulator to free the window from the guide and over time this will take a toll on the regulator assembly. This week we had four E90 3 Series rear window regulators stuck in the …

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  • BMW Repair Weekly Updates

    Wow what a busy busy week here again at Ultimate Bimmer Service in Dallas. Here are just a few of the interesting BMW repairs performed this week. We had a 2002 BMW 745i in with the notorious coolant cross-over pipe leaking, the owner was quoted almost $2000 for that repair alone at another BMW independent. The owner wisely choose Ultimate Bimmer Service and saved several hundred dollars on Master BMW repair in Dallas.

    We advise our customers to exercise caution when stopping at Autozone/Pepboys for BMW diagnosis or service, these people are NOT BMW experts. We have seen too many …

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  • Dallas Master Level 1 BMW Repair and Service

    Here at Ultimate Bimmer Service our honest repairs and prices go a long way, our customers are impressed when we replace the air conditioning micro filter(s) or engine air filters at no charge labor. We believe in honest and fair repair charges, you will not be charged labor, ever for micro filters or engine air filters, we also take pride in not having excessive shop supply charges. We see many invoices from other repair facilities with over $50 in shop supplies, we know that is excessive and promise to not gouge your wallet without unnecessary charges. We also do not …

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  • A Great Fun Week At Ultimate Bimmer Service

    This week at Ultimate Bimmer Service was a fun week working with the best cars on the road. We handled an insurance claim for a 335i owner that had a run-in with some road debris on the way to Houston, we replaced the damaged front sub frame assembly, transmission pan, lower control arm, and replaced all damaged or missing under car shields and heat shields. Save your BMW from the lows of body shop quality repairs, we see too many times that body shops typically don’t perform Master Quality mechanical work and most can agree on that. Loose, incorrect and …

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  • Servicing BMW’s in Dallas

    At Ultimate Bimmer Service we love it when our customers improve the performance of their BMW’s. We have installed many aftermarket parts for our customers, including headers, down-pipes, intercoolers, supercharger kits, oil catch cans, JB kits, coil-overs, cold air kits, improved bushings and mounts, rear sub frame reinforcement , etc. This week we had the privilege to remove and drain an oil catch can that we installed on a nasty fast Cobb stage 2 335i. We also performed BMW Walnut Blasting Carbon Removal on another 335i this week, improving the fuel economy, efficiency, and throttle response.

    There was a beautiful …

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