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  • The Importance of an Alternator Bracket Seal in a BMW

    Regular maintenance and tune-ups are absolutely essential for the efficiency of your BMW. These luxury vehicles are finely crafted for the best possible driving experience. If issues arise, such as a broken alternator seal, it can spell disaster for your car and your checkbook if not dealt with properly.

    Alternator Bracket Seal: What It Does and How It Works

    Let’s start off with the basics. We’ll go through this step by step. The alternator is responsible for helping to charge your BMW’s battery. It does this by converting the kinetic energy created by the car into electrical …

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  • How Does a Bad Thermostat Affect Your BMW’s Performance?

    The thermostat in your BMW plays a critical role in its performance. Although not very common, its failure can wreak havoc on its engine. To prevent any problems, a savvy driver needs to understand what a bad thermostat will do to their vehicle.

    First, let’s understand how a thermostat regulates several of the processes in your car’s performance so it’s clear how its failure can damage your BMW.

    BMW Bad Thermostat

    The Engine Thermostat

    The thermostat’s job is incredibly simple, and it is thus an incredibly simple piece of technology. The thermostat is a valve in your car’s cooling system which controls …

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