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  • Importance of the Blower Fan in a BMW

    Under the hood, there are a number of parts that go into creating the refined yet adventurous experience you enjoy from your BMW. When any of those parts lose functionality, big or small, there can be heavy impacts on the vehicle as a whole.

    If you suspect any of the parts have gone bad under the hood of your car, it is best to take the vehicle in to be serviced right away.

    BMW Blower Fan Malfunction

    One of the lesser-known but extremely important parts of your car is the blower fan. When this part becomes faulty, it is important to …

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  • Blower Fan Resistor Failure in Your BMW

    BMW drivers, enthusiasts, and specialists frequently report blower fan resistor failure. Although BMWs are known for their comfort and luxury, when the blower fan resistor fails, drivers’ comfort level is significantly diminished, as it greatly affects the HVAC system’s performance. In this article, you’ll learn more about the blower fan resistor in your BMW, including: what its main job is, how to recognized symptoms of failure, and what you can do in the future to keep blower fan resistor failure from happening to you.

    BMW Blower Fan

    Engineering and design deficit

    All cars run into their specific issues that are typical of their …

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