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BMW A/C System Service Special Offer

Is your BMW’s air conditioning not keeping up with the Texas heat?

We will inspect and test system components for any leaks and correct operation, perform a vacuum leak test, evacuate and fully charge system with our new state-of-the-art Robinair air conditioning equipment, inject leak-detection dye to make any leaks easily found, read out A/C control unit fault memory with BMW diagnostic equipment, and perform an overall air conditioning system performance evaluation. All to ensure when you drive off you are much happier and COOLER in your BMW. (All necessary R-134a refrigerant is included)

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BMW Ac Deodorizer Service Coupon

Does your BMW air conditioning have that unmistakable foul odor when first started or continuously??

This is a fairly common problem that occurs with certain vehicle operating conditions overtime that can be very difficult to prevent. But thankfully we offer the same speciality AC odor elimination service used at local BMW dealers at LESS THAN half the cost. The smell is caused by very minute amounts of growth deep inside the evaporator/heater core that would otherwise require very extensive disassembly to remove. Thankfully the Wynn’s system used requires no disassembly and only takes a fraction of the time. Our specialty system has 2 active methods for odor elimination, a special proprietary solution/fog and the introduction of ozone (O3) to the evaporator core for a more thorough cleaning than ever before. Don’t let other shops over charge you for simple services as this, we know the dealer quotes over $300 for an E46, call Ultimate Bimmer Service for the guaranteed best deal in Texas.

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BMW Oil Service Special Offer

Including up to 7 Qts Original BMW SAE5W30 High Performance Full Synthetic (LL-01) engine oil and original quality oil filter

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BMW Inspection Offer

I & II, vehicle check, and all maintenance for vehicle with Condition Based Service (Including precise engine valve adjustments for all 2001 to 2007 M3s and all other S54 equipped BMWs.)

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BMW Brake Service Coupon

Replace brake pads, rotors, and lining wear sensors, inspect/clean/lubricate brake components and apply anti-squeal compound where necessary, correct brake fluid level, reset brake service indicator/warning light, adjust parking/emergency brake shoes and lever, test drive and begin bedding-in procedure

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BMW Brake Fluid Flush Service Special

Due every 2 years (Complete brake fluid pressure flush using 3 bottles (36 fl oz) Original BMW DOT 4 Brake Fluid) we also offer CDV valve delete options on equipped BMW’s

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BMW Engine Coolant Flush Service Special

Due every 3-4 years depending on model (Complete flush/drain-fill engine block and radiator using Original BMW Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant, pressure testing and inspection of engine cooling system, bleeding cooling system and replace bleeder screws were equipped)

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BMW Walnut Blasting Valve Decarbonization

This service is a fairly new service for BMW’s but has been around a long time. Models requiring this service are equipped with a direct injection engine, the 135i, 335i, 535i for example are the most prevalent models with direct injection. We utilize the exact BMW equipment all the dealers are using straight from Germany with the proper walnut media at close to half the dealer rates. Call us today for an accurate quote on your exact model. (see our BMW Tech Info section for more information)

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