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  • Leading Repair Shop in Frisco For Fixing Restraint System Failure in Your BMW

    Restraint systems in BMW are designed to ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants in the event of a car accident. This system reduces impact during a collision by absorbing and decreasing a crashing vehicle’s force and secures the passenger to reduce the accident’s impact.

    Restraint system failure is a common problem faced by BMW drivers. This problem arises as a result of low battery voltage or faulty passenger occupancy sensors. The fact that this is a common problem in BMWs doesn’t make dealing with it any better or easier. If your BMW is suffering from a restraint

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  • How to Deal with Instrument Cluster Problems in Your BMW

    Most modern vehicles are equipped with an instrument cluster to keep the driver well-informed about important vehicle information. The instrument cluster was introduced in the 1980s and was employed by some luxury BMW vehicles. However, with time, the instrument cluster became standard in most vehicles.

    Usually, BMW’s instrument cluster is located on the dashboard, directly in front of the driver behind the steering wheel. It relays information about the vehicle to the driver through the signals from the gauges and warning lights.

    BMW M3

    If any of the components in the instrument cluster becomes faulty, it may affect …

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