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  • Signs of Misalignment in Your BMW

    You rely on your car to get from point A to point B and all the other points in between. Keeping up with the proper maintenance and service is the best way to ensure your vehicle remains running in its optimal condition.

    One issue that can occur is misalignment. Misalignment should be repaired as soon as possible so other parts in your vehicle do not become impacted as well. The best way to catch the problem early is to know the signs of misalignment and detailed information about how and when the misalignment occurred.

    BMW Car

    Common Signs of Misalignment in

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  • How to Fix Your BMW’s Wheel Vibrations in Carrollton

    Your BMW was designed with style and performance in mind. It should always provide you with a smooth ride, but this experience can be interrupted when your BMW’s wheels start to vibrate. There are a handful of reasons why wheels can vibrate, giving the driver a sensation of the vehicle being off balance and unstable. Let’s discuss the many reasons why this can occur and learn how the wheel vibrations are fixed at Ultimate Bimmer Service.

    BMW E70 X5 Car

    Vibrations from your BMW’s Wheels

    When the wheels of your BMW vibrate, it is usually felt as an up and …

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