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  • Factors that Result in Cracks in Your BMW’s Oil Filter Housing Unit

    One of the biggest reasons why BMW is so loved worldwide is the attention to detail that they give to every single part of their cars. They constantly look for new innovations in even the smallest parts and work to fine-tune and improve the quality of parts in each new model they produce. When you drive a BMW you know you’re at the forefront of motoring expertise.

    BMW Oil Filter Housing Unit Cracks

    Even with such a drive for perfection, with time and use, sometimes simple wear and tear can cause parts to fail. It is your responsibility as a driver to look after your car …

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  • Tips to Avoid Radiator Failure in Your BMW From the Experts in Carrollton

    Your BMW is unique to you in more ways than just performance. You rely on your BMW to get you around safely and efficiently at your beck and call. As you drive your BMW around, one part that is crucial to its function is the radiator. The radiator is part of the cooling system in your BMW and plays a key role in keeping the engine at an optimal temperature. The hot coolant from the engine is pumped into one end of the radiator and then cooled only to be circulated again while repeatedly while your engine is …

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