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  • Recognize Common Electronic Problems in Your BMW

    In today’s day and age, cars are becoming more reliant on electricity. Whether they are using this electricity to aid in driving or using it for the cabin’s creature comforts, electricity is needed heavily for our vehicle’s complex operations. Given this reliance on the system, and the extreme voltages running through cars, there are bound to be electrical issues.

    BMW Battery Warning Light

    Spotting these electrical issues when they occur and get them fixed by a professional is the best way to keep your vehicle functioning at the level designed. Furthermore, serious electrical problems can be detrimental to the overall health of your …

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  • Reasons for Stiff Windows in Your BMW

    There are a number of parts under the hood of your reliable BMW that go towards making it the smooth ride that you have come to love. With that in mind, that means there is an equal number of parts that can develop problems under the hood.

    One such problem is with your BMW’s windows. While this may not seem like a problem that warrants attention, the underlying cause of those issues could certainly be a byproduct of more serious issues. We first need to look at how windows work and the common issues that can arise.

    BMW Window

    How do

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