Our Dallas BMW Repair Facility is State Of The Art.

Ultimate Bimmer Service is the first fully equipped independent BMW service center with the latest, Third Generation, BMW advanced diagnostics technology and vehicle software reprogramming.

The 3G system replaced the 2G system which consisted of the old GT1/DIS+ for diagnoses and the now outdated Progman/SSS for programming, with the newest ISID for diagnoses and ISTA-P for programming. It is absolutely essential when it comes to servicing the newest of BMW’s 2009 and beyond. Additionally it allows the most recent software to be used with BMW’s from 1996-2017. Guaranteeing when you leave Ultimate Bimmer Service your BMW has received only the latest and greatest, not some old copied software that is out of date.

We are using the exact ISTA-ISID diagnostic software and ISTA-P programming used at all BMW dealers found on their ISIS servers, plus the programming software is downloaded directly from BMW for every car and is the latest every time. Allowing us to simply update your I-level, or make Car/Key Memory adjustments, accessory retrofits (AUX input, I-POD, COMBOX etc.) as well as control unit replacement or recoding. This system is good thru 2017 and beyond making Ultimate Bimmer Service the first independent BMW repair facility in Texas with BMW’s most advanced ISTA programming and diagnostic capabilities. If you have any non-warranty issues with your brand new BMW know that only Ultimate Bimmer Service has the 3G system to keep your Ultimate Driving Machine as good as new. Our strict specialization in BMW allows us to offer an unprecedented level of service and repair for your BMW, unmatched anywhere in or around the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

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