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Essential BMW Engine Maintenance Tips To Avoid Costly Repairs

Everyone knows the importance of a properly functioning engine. This essential part is the heart of your BMW — generating the required power for your luxury car to move. However, it’s often noticed that issues with the engine not only affect the performance of the car but also lead to inflated repair bills. Here are certain maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your automobile’s engine working properly without any fuss.

BMW Engine Maintenance

Important Maintenance Aspects

Regular Engine Oil Change

The engine plays a critical role in your car’s ability to run smoothly and perform at its best. The proper lubrication of its moving parts prevents the engine from overheating. Meaning engine oil is a very crucial aspect to your BMW. Most of the time, the presence of bad engine oil leads to serious damage. Look through your BMW’s owners manual for the proper mileage interval during in which your oil needs to be replaced. Typically, oil changes are required between 5,000 & 7,000 miles to keep your car in optimal condition.

Inspect The Coolant Levels

Apart from the engine oil, there are certain other fluids in your vehicle that play a stellar role in the engine. The coolant, otherwise known as antifreeze, is the liquid responsible for maintaining the internal temperature to prevent the engine from overheating and maintaining the air conditioning system. In addition to inspecting the levels, you must also have a look at the components of the cooling system, like the radiator, hoses, and coolant reservoir, to make sure they’re all in proper shape and aren’t affected by any issues.

Replace The Oil filter & Air Filter

Certain filters in your BMW protect parts from being impacted by dirt and debris. After all, clogged oil and air filters wreak havoc on the smooth functioning of the engine. Since the engine oil picks up many particles as it travels through this system, the oil filter prevents their entry from critical parts. Similarly, the air filter protects the air entering the engine of your car. During regular scheduled maintenance, you should get your oil and air filter inspected and replaced if they are damaged.

Check the Timing Belt & Chain

The timing belt and chain play critical roles in synchronizing the functioning of the various engine components. It is commonly observed that the timing belt starts to wear out over time, and it may even break off completely. If you happen to come across a deteriorating timing belt, then you’ll need to replace it with a new one urgently.

BMW Timing Belt Check

Ultimate Bimmer Service Will Take Care of Your Engine

The biggest concern of BMW owners is how to properly care for the engine so that it works great and lasts long. Which is why, at Ultimate Bimmer Service, we advocate for routine maintenance and repairs. Our team, facility, and equipment provide the best service in Carrolton, TX. We are committed to providing customers with the high quality services, expert insight and guidance, as well as fast and efficient turnarounds. Our ASE-certified professionals are ready to tackle any engine issue that comes our way! Prevent any additional stress when you visit our shop today — our fast and efficient repairs will have you cruising the town before you know it!

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