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Recognize the Signs of a Dead Battery in Your BMW

The last thing you want to deal with is a dead battery in your BMW. Every car has a rechargeable battery that powers the headlights, cabin lights, and provides the means to start the car. It’s the first source of electrical current that enables the starter to begin the combustion process for your engine.

After that initial burst of electrical power from the battery, the alternator keeps the electrical systems working in your BMW. The alternator converts mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy. The battery doesn’t have enough power to do that, but what your battery must do is start your engine.

BMW Dead Battery

A BMW’s typical battery lasts about five years. Even if your vehicle is new, certain actions can drain the battery and make its trips to the mechanic more frequent. For instance:

  • Leaving the lights on: This can drain your BMW’s battery overnight. When you wake up to go to work in the morning, you’ll find your car won’t start.
  • Electrical glitches: If you have a glitch in your electrical system, such as an overhead light that stays on in the cabin or a trunk light that is on and you aren’t away, it can drain your battery and leave you wondering why.
  • Loose battery connections: From time to time, the connections between the battery and the engine can become loose or corrupt, causing your BMW to lose power. If you’re noticing power issues, it could be because the connections or even the wires through your electrical system have been corrupted or are fraying.

Watch Out for These Signs

Because it can be so easy to accidentally drain your vehicle’s battery, it’s important to watch for these warning signs that indicate your BMW’s battery is beginning to fail.

  • Slow engine crank: A BMW that cranks slowly, even if the engine starts, is among the first signs that its battery is beginning to fail. Don’t wait until the engine sputters completely to a dead stop. Take your vehicle into your favorite mechanic garage immediately to check its battery so avoid further damages and avoid any potential accidents.
  • An engine that refuses to crank: This one is sure to call for a battery checkup. If your vehicle isn’t starting at all and you’re having to ask your neighbor to jump-start your car, chances are you’re in need of a new battery.
  • Struggling to start in cold weather: Even though it seems common for cars to struggle in cold weather, it’s actually a sign of a bad battery. Don’t let this one slide. The last thing you want is to be stranded in your work parking lot trying to get your vehicle to start as you’re trying to get home!
  • The lights won’t come on: If your BMW’s headlights aren’t coming on, you’re probably not dealing with a lightbulb issue. The battery is likely failing. Take your BMW to your nearest mechanic to check the health of your car battery.
  • Needing a jump-start: Even if you accidentally left your lights on and need a jump-start this morning, performing the jump can wear down the health of your vehicle’s battery. This could mean that the life of your BMW’s battery lasts for a shorter time than designed. If you’ve ever jump-started your BMW, keep a sharp eye on its battery to make sure it’s in prime condition, still being powered by your alternator.

Ultimate Bimmer Service: Making Sure Your BMW is Always Running Smoothly

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BMW Battery Inspection

We keep your BMW on schedule with all routine maintenance and make sure you always know what your car needs. We believe that trust is everything when taking care of your vehicle. We will always work with you so you can trust in our team’s recommendations when you make the final decision on repairs and replacements.

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