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Tips to Detect Problems in the Front Outer CV Boots of a BMW

Through the years drivers have continued to rely on BMW for added performance, comfortable interiors, and their status as a premier luxury car. Drivers know in order to enjoy the best from their BMW they must keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance & recommended service. Each model has a unique maintenance plan designed to maximize both the performance and lifespan of the vehicle.

BMW Old CV Joint

Over time, BMWs may experience problems with one or more CV boots. The CV boot is important to keep the vehicle moving. Below you will learn more about what a CV boot is and a few warning signs to help detect a problem in the front outer CV boots of your BMW.

BMW is equipped with what is called a CV axle, also known as a Constant Velocity axle. The CV axle is responsible for transferring power from the transmission to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to propel forward while driving.

The CV joint is covered by a CV boot or CV gaiter. This boot is typically made of plastic or rubber and designed to protect the joint itself from any external factors that can potentially damage the ball bearings or the entire joint. The boot aids in keeping out dust, dirt, and debris as well as keeping the grease inside the joint for proper lubrication.

There is both an inner and an outer CV boot. The outer boot often breaks first because it experiences more movement than the inner boot does. It is also exposed to more outward elements.

Warning Signs of CV Boot Failure

With extensive exposure to the outer elements, it is not uncommon for the CV boot to crack, break, or even tear over time. Should this happen, your vehicle will exhibit a few symptoms. Below you will learn what to look out for that may alert you to any arising problem with your outer CV boots.

The first symptom of a damaged CV boot is a grease leak. If your BMW has a torn or damaged boot you will likely notice grease slung onto the inside of the wheels, chassis, or other parts underneath the vehicle. If left untreated, it can allow dirt, debris, or moisture into the joint potentially causing more expensive damages.

Another warning sign of a broken or damaged CV boot is vibrations from the CV axle. This can often be felt in the steering wheel while you are operating the vehicle. It is the result of moisture or debris that has gotten into the CV joint through a damaged CV boot. Vibrations originating from the joint indicated that both the joint and the boot need to be replaced.

The most common warning sign, and the most serious, is clicking noises during turns coming from your BMW while you are driving. The clicking noise is caused by a loosened CV joint allowing for slack within the joint. This is a very serious problem and needs to be addressed immediately. The entire joint will need to be replaced, likely including the CV boot as well.

Ultimate Bimmer Service

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BMW CV Boot Inspection

Our factory-trained, BMW Level 1 Master Certified Technicians offer more than 30 years combined years of BMW-specific service experience. We are equipped with full factory diagnostic equipment and follow recommended factory procedures to ensure high-quality dealer services at a fraction of the price. We use only genuine original BMW parts and accessories for all repairs.

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Our workmanship is guaranteed with a 3-year/unlimited-mile warranty. We believe that trust is everything when it comes to taking care of your vehicle and will work with you to ensure you know you can always trust our team no matter what the issue may be. Call or visit our auto shop today to schedule an appointment.

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