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  • How to Deal with Unusual Sounds Coming from the Engine

    When your car begins to make unusual noises, it can be distressing. Your commute or vacation could be cut short by needing car repairs. We’ve put together the most common causes of odd sounds coming from your car to help you narrow down the cause, so when you come to our mechanics, you can have an idea where to start.

    Car Unusual Sounds

    Knocking Noises

    There are several causes of knocking sounds in your car, and depending on where the source of the noise is located, it can help determine a cause.

    The accessory belt is an important component of your car. …

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  • When Should You Replace The CV Joint In Your Car?

    A car is only as good as the service that goes into it and the effort that is directed towards maintaining all its different components. All cars, regardless of make and model, are prone to develop a myriad of issues over time. Some cars experience these problems much earlier than others, subject to the quality of manufacturing as well as driving. The only way to improve the longevity and quality of service that your car will render to you is through proper servicing and replacement of worn out parts. The CV joint in your car, for instance, will require replacement …

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  • Signs of a Malfunctioning Catalytic Converter in Your Car in Carrollton

    We’ve all heard horror stories of how carbon monoxide exposure is fatal. Because of this, homes and apartment buildings come equipped with specialized detectors that signal when possible emissions are in the home. These alarm systems are life-saving in certain situations and truly come in handy.

    We’ve also been warned of the hidden dangers of leaving your car on while in a garage or enclosed space. The presence of carbon monoxide has resulted in the untimely death and harm of far too many individuals.

    Car Catalytic Converter

    However, did you know that your car has a similar alarm system that works to protect …

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