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How to Deal with Unusual Sounds Coming from the Engine

When your car begins to make unusual noises, it can be distressing. Your commute or vacation could be cut short by needing car repairs. We’ve put together the most common causes of odd sounds coming from your car to help you narrow down the cause, so when you come to our mechanics, you can have an idea where to start.

Car Unusual Sounds

Knocking Noises

There are several causes of knocking sounds in your car, and depending on where the source of the noise is located, it can help determine a cause.

The accessory belt is an important component of your car. It transports energy to various systems of your car, such as the power steering pump, air conditioning pump, and even helps your alternator function. When this belt wears out or becomes loose, it can cause knocking and rattling inside your engine bay when it hits the cover of the belt housing.

Because the belt is so important to multiple functions in your vehicle, if you suspect this is the problem, it must be replaced right away to avoid further damage to your car. There is also the risk of stalling or reaching a no-start condition.

Another cause for knocking noises is trouble with piston bearings. They help the pistons move up and down. Over time, those can wear out. This wear and tear also leads to pieces rattling around inside the engine bay. The pistons generate energy to ultimately propel your wheels for motion, so if any part of these isn’t working, you’ll need replacements.

Popping Noises

A common reason for popping noises in your engine bay is worn and defective spark plugs. The spark plugs have the task of igniting the engine. If these aren’t working properly, there’s no spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture. While you can DIY spark plug replacement, we encourage an inspection to ensure nothing else is going on in your engine as a result of faulty spark plugs. These are inexpensive to replace, so it’s worth a visit so a professional can replace these quickly and give you confidence your engine is still in good condition.

Similar to the air filter in the engine, the fuel filter gets clogged. The fuel filter also catches particles, preventing them from contaminating the fuel. When the buildup gets so bad that fuel cannot travel out, the engine will not get the energy needed and you can hear misfires, which sometimes sound like popping noises.

Other Odd Sounds from Your Car

Be sure to address engine noises right away. One of the first places to check is engine oil. Driving without enough oil can seriously damage your engine’s expensive components and systems. Fill up the engine oil first and then find a trusted mechanic to inspect your car to ensure nothing more was damaged. If you cannot replace the oil, call for a tow into our shop, and we’ll do the rest.

If you hear clicking sounds and notice that your engine performance has decreased, your fuel injectors could be the culprit. The fuel injectors spray fuel evenly, which is a vital part of the engine working as designed. When one is faulty, it will not spray the correct amount of fuel into the engine and you may hear clicking sounds. The fuel injector will need to be replaced by a professional.

As a side note, worn out struts can make odd sounds. If your struts are worn out, there are many performance related problems that will follow. This could include difficulty stopping, tires swerving, and less control steering. Struts are important for steering and alignment. Without these, there is no structure, which can be dangerous for your safety and that of your passengers.

Car Fuel Injector Check

Ultimate Bimmer Service Will Repair Your Car

Unusual noises from your engine should always be cause for concern. At Ultimate Bimmer Service, our mechanics are ASE certified and ready to provide you with top notch service. We have flexible financing, excellent customer service skills, and the dedication to help with your car’s needs.

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