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Tips To Effectively Look After Your BMW 6 Series

Without a doubt, vehicles make movements faster and convenient. Although most car brands try to provide their customers with optimum comfort and speed, BMW stands out among the rest. BMW 6 Series owners would attest that their cars are more than just a means of transportation. They are also a treasure. Treasures are precious and must be appropriately maintained to last longer, and the BMW 6 series is no different.


Routine maintenance of your BMW 6 Series will go a long way in preserving its functions and delaying wear and tear. We know that wear and tear is inevitable due to ageing, but you can delay ageing when your car is properly maintained.

Your ability to drive is not enough to own a car. It would help if you also had several tools at your fingertips that you could employ to maintain your vehicle. If you don’t know any maintenance, then this article is for you. Let’s discuss several tips for maintaining your car to keep it running like new even after several years of purchase.

  • Regular inspection of the engine: The engine is the heart and brain of your car; it controls all the other components. If it becomes faulty, your vehicle might suddenly stop working. Hence, don’t wait for the check engine light of your BMW 6 Series to come on before inspecting it. You can have it checked by a professional twice every year to preserve its high performance.
  • Frequent oil change: The older the oil, the rustier your BMW will feel when you drive it. Change the oil in your vehicle frequently. The owner’s manual of your BMW contains a schedule for changing your model’s oil. However, for your BMW 6 Series, technicians advise that you change it after every 12,000 to 15,000.
  • Brakes inspection: Aside from the engine, another critical feature of your BMW is the brake system. The brakes also need to be an integral part of your maintenance schedule. When your car is in motion, the brakes system must bring your car to a slow stop. Hence, how it gets worn out easily. Ask your mechanic to inspect this system whenever you take your BMW in for its scheduled maintenance. Another way to maintain the brakes of your BMW 6 Series is having the brake fluid flushed out at least once every two years.
  • Check your tires: Your BMW cannot move without the tires. The durability of your tires could also determine your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Depending on the brands of the tire and the roads, your tires might also wear out quickly. So you must have it checked every three months. Tire maintenance doesn’t always involve a professional; you can perform simple checks on your tires by checking the pressure regularly.
  • Avoid reckless driving: The longevity of your BMW depends mainly on the way you drive. If you drive your car above its standard speed limit, it will severely affect your vehicle’s performance. Avoid making sudden stops, reckless driving, making tight turns, or jerking your car uncontrollably. Instead, follow the rules of the road and drive safely. All these will prevent your car from early wear and tear and reduce repair trips to the mechanic.
  • General car hygiene: General car hygiene is the last but most crucial maintenance tip. Bring your vehicle to a car wash to have both the interior and exterior parts cleaned and vacuumed. Waxing is another way to keep your car looking good to maintain the paint job and body integrity, as it also prevents rusting.

BMW Brake Inspection

Visit Ultimate Bimmer Service for your Routine Maintenance

People usually use DIY videos to carry out routine maintenance on their vehicles. While it might seem like a good idea and cheaper alternative to auto repair shops, DIY repairs can do more harm than good. Professional mechanics have the expertise necessary to quickly diagnose any fault when you bring it in for servicing. Hence, car owners should have an auto repair shop that they trust with maintenance and repairs. For those in Carrollton and Dallas, TX, Ultimate Bimmer Service is your go-to auto service center!

Our professionals are ASE-certified with decades of training and experience in BMW repairs and maintenance. For the professional maintenance of your BMW, contact us at Ultimate Bimmer Service to schedule your annual or biannual service appointment.

* BMW Car image credit goes to: andreonegin.

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