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Call A Specialist in Carrolton to Know if Your BMW Needs 91+ Octane

Car owners of a BMW may wonder whether they can use regular unleaded fuel for their BMW or if they need to use special higher-octane fuel that is found with 91+ Octane. Because BMW is designed with a higher performance standard compared to many of the vehicles on the road, it is important that car owners of this model stick with a strict maintenance regimen. This extends to using the right type of fuel when you visit the gas station.

BMW 91+ Octane

Using the right type of gas on the BMW will help it last longer and can keep it in good shape. While some BMW drivers may not think it is necessary, the manufacturer recommends that 91+ octane fuel is used in all BMWs.

The Problem with Low Fuel Standards

While your BMW engine may run just fine with a regular type of fuel, it will do better when the car owner works with a higher-quality fuel. BMWs have a high-compression engine, which is able to create more heat than the average engine. When you use the 91+ octane fuel, this will help your BMW regulate the temperature in the engine, keeping it in the right range to be effective without ruining the vehicle.

When a BMW owner chooses the wrong kind of fuel, or a fuel that is lower in quality, then the engine may ignite at the wrong time. The engine temperatures may also get too high, causing damage to various parts of the vehicle. It is easy to try and save money and go with one of the lower quality gas types available, but when it comes to your BMW, it is often a bad idea. You can add this fuel in occasionally if other options are not available, but it is best to stick with the higher-quality options.

The Right Gas Makes a Difference

One of the main reasons that many BMW owners do not want to use this type of fuel is due to it costing more. However, there are quite a few benefits that come with using this fuel rather than traditional fuel. These benefits include:

  • Better fuel efficiency: Due to how the engine is designed, your BMW will utilize fuel more efficiently when you use a high-quality type like 91+ octane rather than traditional fuel.
  • Optimized performance: The high-quality fuel like 91+ octane will make sure your BMW gets the power it needs. if the car owner does not use the right type of fuel often, it will diminish the power of the BMW because the engine temperature will get too high. This is even more apparent when the BMW goes under more stress, such as towing heavy items or going on a long trip. It is better to use the stronger and better fuel.
  • Internal cleansing: Each time you put some gas into your car, you are adding a cleaning agent into the car as well. The 91+ octane will have different chemicals and compounds compared to traditional gas that are meant to prevent and even remove some of the carbon molecules built up over time. This will keep your BMW in good shape and helps it to last a lot longer.

If you are concerned about using the higher-quality fuel like 91+ octane, then it is important to discuss this with your mechanic. They will be able to go over the benefits of using this type of fuel for you, helping you make the right decision for your car. While you are there, consider getting a full maintenance and checkup done on the car to make sure nothing is broken or about to cause you problems.

BMW Owner Mechanic Discussion

It is important for car owners to complete all necessary repairs and maintenance on their vehicles as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure that the vehicle can stay on the road for longer. At Ultimate Bimmer Service, we are able to help car owners take the proper care of their BMWs. We proudly serve the areas of Carrolton and Dallas, TX. Contact us today to get your appointment scheduled. We look forward to seeing you soon and earning your trust for all your BMW needs.

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