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Recognize Common Electronic Problems in Your BMW

In today’s day and age, cars are becoming more reliant on electricity. Whether they are using this electricity to aid in driving or using it for the cabin’s creature comforts, electricity is needed heavily for our vehicle’s complex operations. Given this reliance on the system, and the extreme voltages running through cars, there are bound to be electrical issues.

BMW Battery Warning Light

Spotting these electrical issues when they occur and get them fixed by a professional is the best way to keep your vehicle functioning at the level designed. Furthermore, serious electrical problems can be detrimental to the overall health of your BMW, which is all the more reason to take your car into a shop when some recognizable problems arise.

Common Electrical Problems

It’s no secret that a number of electrical problems can occur under the hood of your BMW. Troubleshooting these problems and their sources can be difficult, but being aware of them when they happen, as well as taking your car in for service, are the best you can do as a responsible driver of your BMW. Watch for some of the below signs and act on them should they happen:

Dead Battery

We have all been in a situation where our battery died at the worst possible time. Whether you accidentally left your vehicle lights on all night or if your battery naturally died, a dead battery is a simple problem that can be fixed. However, this problem can be quite annoying if you don’t have jumper cables, but even more annoying if the following problem is the real cause.

Bad Alternator

A bad alternator is exponentially worse than a dead battery, but can also be a common cause for electrical issues. Most people assume the battery of a car powers everything under the hood, but the reality of the matter is that the alternator is responsible for most of the electronics being powered in your car.

This component is activated after the battery has turned on your car and takes over so that the battery can stop putting out electricity. In fact, the alternator charges the battery while you drive, which is why you can drive a car with a dead battery until you stop.

Failed Spark Plugs

The spark plugs of your vehicle serve an important purpose. These spark plugs provide the spark that ignites the air-to-fuel mixture residing within the cylinder chambers. When ignited, this mixture creates the force that allows the cylinders to fire. However, if your vehicle’s electricity is having problems, the spark plugs may not create the spark, so your engine may not fire.

BMW Spark Plug Check

Issues With Cabin Electronics

Think for a moment about all the electronic components within the cabin of your vehicle and their various uses. All of these can have related or individual issues, depending on the cause. Despite this, keep an eye out for any glitches in digital readers or issues with systems such as air conditioning.

Why You Need to Get Electrical Problems Fixed

Any electrical problems occurring in the cabin of your vehicle will be annoying and detrimental to your driving abilities. However, electrical issues that occur closer to the engine can have detrimental problems that negatively impact your vehicle’s ability to function. This could even land you in a no-start condition. Identify the source of the problem and take your vehicle at the moment you discover issues with your vehicle’s electronics.

Ultimate Bimmer Service Can Help

At Ultimate Bimmer Service, we understand how important it is to keep your BMW working at its peak efficiency. Electrical problems can get in the way of the performance and comfort you love in your BMW. Inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing those problems is our speciality.

We specialize in BMW service, which means that we have the knowledge and expertise needed to tackle whatever problem is brought to our doors. Additionally, our experience working with numerous clients around Carrolton and Dallas, TX means that we have expert knowledge and experience to identify your BMW’s issue and resolve it quickly for your convenience.

Please give us a call or come visit us at our location today to see why we are the best name in the business. We sincerely look forward to earning your long-standing business and trust.

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