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Reasons for Stiff Windows in Your BMW

There are a number of parts under the hood of your reliable BMW that go towards making it the smooth ride that you have come to love. With that in mind, that means there is an equal number of parts that can develop problems under the hood.

One such problem is with your BMW’s windows. While this may not seem like a problem that warrants attention, the underlying cause of those issues could certainly be a byproduct of more serious issues. We first need to look at how windows work and the common issues that can arise.

BMW Window

How do power windows work?

Power windows are one of the recent inventions in vehicle’s that are taken for granted, but they are extremely important to the vehicle. For comfort reasons, it’s extremely nice to not have to crank a window up and down manually, but for practical reasons, it saves time and works into the entire system that powers your vehicle.

Ironically enough, whether your windows are manual or not, the system hasn’t changed too much, but the motion of winding them up and down has been motorized.

First and foremost, your window sits on a track that allows the glass to move up and down on demand. Each window in your vehicle is connected to its track by a sliding bar that will move when you press a button.

Built into your doorframe is a power window motor that is responsible for sending a signal to the sliding bars when it is time for your window to move. When this movement occurs, there is a gearbox that begins to rotate as your window moves. As the gears move, your window is able to slide along the track. Depending on how hard you pressed the window button, it may go all the way down or just part of the way.

It is truly amazing how all of this is within the door of your vehicle, but it makes it easy to see how many areas of your power window system can develop problems over time.

To that end, power windows can be difficult to fix because it requires digging into the door of your car to diagnose a problem. So, if you notice your windows have become stiffer to roll up or down, it’s best to take your car in right away so that your power windows don’t fail.

Power windows need to function to keep you and your passengers safe. If you need to exit the vehicle but your door locks are malfunctioning, you must be able to roll down the window on demand to exit in an emergency situation.

Causes For Stiff Windows

While there can be countless causes for power window failure in your BMW, there are a few common reasons that could result in more detrimental problems with the window.

Electronic Failure

As covered, your window works via electronic power from a motor that connects to the switch on your door. If there is a problem with this signal or a problem in the signal from the battery to your motor, the vehicle’s window may not move when you need it.

BMW Electronic Issue Check

Issues With the Gearbox

One of the gears in your power window system could have gone bad. This would cause the window to become stiffer as it moves or even not move at all. As far as power window failure goes, this is one of the more common issues.

Misaligned Window

Your window may have become misaligned with the track it was on. If this occurs, it may drop down into its compartment rougher and come up with a great struggle as well. Should you notice this, stop moving the window, as it may lead to bigger problems.

Ultimate Bimmer Service For Your BMW Needs

At Ultimate Bimmer Service, we know just how much your BMW means to you. It is our honor to fix your power windows so that you can get back out on the road confidently. Our technicians have worked with clients in Carrolton and Dallas, TX and have the experience needed to tackle your unique issue. Please give us a call or come visit us today to see how we can help fix your BMW. We look forward to earning your trust and patronage when issues arise with your BMW.

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