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Factors that Result in Cracks in Your BMW’s Oil Filter Housing Unit

One of the biggest reasons why BMW is so loved worldwide is the attention to detail that they give to every single part of their cars. They constantly look for new innovations in even the smallest parts and work to fine-tune and improve the quality of parts in each new model they produce. When you drive a BMW you know you’re at the forefront of motoring expertise.

BMW Oil Filter Housing Unit Cracks

Even with such a drive for perfection, with time and use, sometimes simple wear and tear can cause parts to fail. It is your responsibility as a driver to look after your car and learn how to detect common issues. In today’s article, we will look at a more niche issue that BMW drivers can experience: the development of cracks in the oil filter housing unit.

The Oil Filter Housing Unit

A type of oil filter housing unit appears in every commercial automobile. Your BMW has its oil filter housing unit located in easy reach to allow for expedient oil and filter changes which will need to occur multiple times in your vehicles lifespan. More often than not, the oil filter housing unit is a piece of cast aluminum, with only vintage models possessing a unit made from cast iron. The oil filter housing unit is also connected to the engine by a gasket.

The Factors that Result in Cracks

Any type of damage to the oil filter housing unit will most likely result in cracking or warping of the unit, which will allow oil to leak from the system. In general, this is caused by one of 2 things: simple age/wear and tear or the over-torquing of the housing. This is often caused by inexperienced repairs, but if you’ve had a recent oil change and notice the issue, it might be worth returning to your mechanic for some explanations.

Oil Filter Housing Unit Replacement

If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, then your BMW will likely require oil filter housing replacement:

As this part can be easily damaged by poor installation, it is best to leave repairs to the professionals who will undertake the following steps:

  • The leak will be inspected and the housing unit diagnosed as faulty.
  • Access will be made to the housing.
  • The engine oil will be drained from the system.
  • The housing is unbolted and replaced with a new part.
  • The parts of your BMW are reassembled correctly with proper torque.
  • The oil is refilled and the engine run to check repairs have been successful.

The Cost of Oil Filter Housing Replacement

Replacing your oil filter housing unit can be an expensive job depending on the model of BMW you drive. Because this is a hefty investment, it is best to try to prevent cracks to the unit where possible. You can help prevent the risk of damage being caused by poor workmanship by only bringing your car to a BMW or European imported car expert. Look for those with certifications and positive reviews, and you are more likely to receive competent care and maintenance for your BMW’s components and systems.

Keeping your service record up to date will also help ensure your housing unit does not fail you. Routine servicing will help ensure your BMW is kept at peak working conditions, meaning that you can dramatically slow down the rate of wear and tear on all parts of your car, extending the lifespan of all components as well as saving you a lot of money in the long run. We cannot stress the importance of routine maintenance.

BMW Oil Filter Housing Unit Cracks Check

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