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Tips to Avoid Radiator Failure in Your BMW From the Experts in Carrollton

Your BMW is unique to you in more ways than just performance. You rely on your BMW to get you around safely and efficiently at your beck and call. As you drive your BMW around, one part that is crucial to its function is the radiator. The radiator is part of the cooling system in your BMW and plays a key role in keeping the engine at an optimal temperature. The hot coolant from the engine is pumped into one end of the radiator and then cooled only to be circulated again while repeatedly while your engine is running. In order to keep it properly functioning, the article below will help shed some more light on some common radiator problems, signs of a failing radiator, how to avoid problems, and where to turn if you need more assistance.
BMW Radiator

Common Radiator Problems

Before you can attempt to address problems with the radiator, you need to be aware of the common problems that you can run into. Knowing these problems will lead to a better understanding of your BMW and what potentially needs to be fixed or replaced.

The first common radiator problem is rust. Rust can occur in anything that is in constant contact with liquid. The liquid will then lead to oxidation. Due to the fact that fluid is continuously flowing through the radiator, it is common for it to rust. The radiator can rust on the outside as well as the inside. It is easy to identify the rust on the outside but can be slightly harder to discover rust on the inside of the radiator. The best way is to check the coolant. If the coolant has a brownish tint to it, then this may be an indication that the radiator is rusty on the inside.

The second common problem that your BMW radiator may experience is leaks. Leaks will occur in the radiator when there are issues with the hoses that are connected to it. The older the hoses are, the more likely it will become for them to crack or become disconnected from the radiator entirely. Road debris can also create holes in the hoses where fluid will escape.

Signs Of Radiator Failure

This first sign of radiator failure in your BMW is related to the above common problem. When your radiator leaks due to faulty hoses or the metal hose connector, then a puddle will appear under your car. This visible sign of failure can be an easy way to detect a problem.

The second sign that points to radiator failure is overheating. The radiator helps to keep the engine cool, so if it isn’t able to do its job properly, the engine is not going to remain at the optimal temperature. Your BMW’s engine may soon overheat, possibly even before you reach your destination. If your radiator continues to overheating, it can lead to extensive repairs and possibly catastrophic engine failure.

How To Avoid Radiator Failure

One way that you can avoid radiator failure in your BMW is by flushing the coolant according to the recommended mileage in your owner’s manual. This will ensure that there is not any old and dirty coolant flowing through the radiator.

Another way to avoid a failure in the radiator is to frequently check the hoses and the clamps holding the hoses to the radiator. Both of these parts are necessary for ensuring that the radiator continues to function properly. If either of these are not connected properly, then the radiator may leak and cause overheating. An expert technician can help inspect and repair any problems you may have during regular maintenance.
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More Radiator Help

Even with all the knowledge gained from learning these problems, signs, and tips, there may still come a time where your BMW needs professional help. The place to take your BMW is Ultimate Bimmer Service, located near Carrolton and Dallas, TX. We only specialize in BMWs. This means that every one of our technicians has had the best training and certification in order to service your BMW. One of our main goals is to create a long-lasting rapport with our clients so they can be confident in our quality of work and friendly atmosphere. We have competitive prices and will service your BMW at times convenient to your schedule. Give us a call today.

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