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Do Electronic Issues in Your BMW Bug you?

Few BMW owners can complain about their cars. BMW’s are notoriously one of the best-selling vehicles worldwide because they perform like racecars with the modern conveniences of the average family car. BMW drivers aren’t all fanatics, but it’s hard not to appreciate the majestic quality of such machines. In other words, you’re born again when you step into a Bimmer. Unfortunately, even these engineering masterpieces have their own unique issues—and they’re further unique among different models of BMWs. Therefore, it’s essential to find qualified, honest automotive specialists to maintain and repair your Bimmer.

One common, general issue among several BMW models is electronic problems. Yes, this is a vague category of problems to have in a car, but you’d be surprised at how many BMWs experience a variety of electronic issues. For instance, in some of the older models, the drainage systems weren’t appropriately placed, causing water damage to the electrical system. This problem was addressed in later Bimmer models, but at that point the damage was done. Bimmer shops around the globe should be familiar with such design issues and know how to help their clientele work with the manufacturer to get problems fixed. If your Bimmer is experiencing electronic issues, here is a little more information about BMW electronic problems in general and what your BMW’s issue might stem from:

Replacing BMW Fuse Box

The prevalence of electronic problems in BMWs

It has been reported that over 20% of problems in BMWs are related to the electrical system. In fact, in the past over a quarter of a million BMWs have been recalled because of electrical issues alone. In other words, the prevalence of electronic problems in BMWs is pretty high—but let’s be clear, that doesn’t make the vehicles any lesser-than; on the contrary, electrical issues aren’t as severe as other typical problems of other brands. Most electronic issues in BMWs are easily-fixed; it’s a rare occasion that electronic problems stump a skilled, experienced BMW technician.

Common symptoms

Electronic issues can include a plethora of signs and symptoms for the driver to deal with, which are certainly inconvenient—and can sometimes be deemed unsafe, depending on the driving conditions. Door lock failure, window regulator failure, seat positioner malfunction or failure, windshield wiper malfunction, and turn signal failure are all common issues that could be related or traced back to the electronic system of your BMW. These problems could be isolated, or occur together. It’s important for your automotive specialist to perform a thorough differential diagnosis in order to isolate the problem and find the origin source.

Faulty fuses

Depending on the model and year BMW you drive, the fuse box could be located in either the trunk (in older models) or in the glovebox (in newer models). The fuses in the fuse box dictate different functions, and it’s generally the first place to start when you’re experiencing electronic problems. This is because accessing and navigating the fuse box isn’t terribly difficult, especially with the proper BMW knowledge and expertise.

Malfunctioning wiring

BMW Electrical Issue Solving Another culprit in electronic issues could be faulty wiring. As previously mentioned, poor drainage design in older BMW models caused damage to wiring and lead to electronic problems. However, water damage isn’t the only condition necessary for wiring failure; in fact, wiring can become damaged over time by heat or normal wear. It’s important to have routine inspections and to report any symptoms of electronic issues to your automotive specialist immediately.

Ultimate Bimmer Service remains the highest-rated BMW repair shop in the areas of Carrolton and Dallas, TX. But we don’t take this title for granted—although we worked hard to get here, we owe our continuing passion and dedication to the BMW brand to our clients and community for their support and loyalty over the years. BMWs are unique, special machines that require specific care and attention in order to run optimally at all times. We commit to ongoing education about all BMW models to continue providing the most thorough automotive services nearby, and the individuals and families who trust our shop and our team of expert technicians have yet to be disappointed by our services. If you think your BMW is suffering electronic issues, contact our shop to schedule an appointment or to simply speak with a professional. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust.

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