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BMW Repair Weekly Updates

Wow what a busy busy week here again at Ultimate Bimmer Service in Dallas. Here are just a few of the interesting BMW repairs performed this week. We had a 2002 BMW 745i in with the notorious coolant cross-over pipe leaking, the owner was quoted almost $2000 for that repair alone at another BMW independent. The owner wisely choose Ultimate Bimmer Service and saved several hundred dollars on Master BMW repair in Dallas.

We advise our customers to exercise caution when stopping at Autozone/Pepboys for BMW diagnosis or service, these people are NOT BMW experts. We have seen too many BMW owners with incorrect parts, incorrect diagnosis, and incorrect repairs after leaving the PepBoys/Firestone service centers. For example the crankcase vent valve was quoted at over $1000 at Firestone on a 2003 325i E46, and the owner was told the intake manifold had to be removed. This is NOT true, the intake does not have to be removed, we saved the customer over 60% off of the incorrect Firestone quote, and had the repairs completed inside of 1 day. Another interesting repair visit was with a 2004 X3 that had stopped by Autozone for a headlight issue, not only did they sell the customer the incorrect bulb, they also broke the access panel for the Xenon headlight assembly. This can be disastrous, if water gets into the headlight assembly some very expensive damage can occur, in some cases the entire headlight assembly would requirement replacement. Please do not take your BMW to any NON-BMW specific repair facility, choose Ultimate Bimmer Service for correct BMW repair.

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