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A Great Fun Week At Ultimate Bimmer Service

This week at Ultimate Bimmer Service was a fun week working with the best cars on the road. We handled an insurance claim for a 335i owner that had a run-in with some road debris on the way to Houston, we replaced the damaged front sub frame assembly, transmission pan, lower control arm, and replaced all damaged or missing under car shields and heat shields. Save your BMW from the lows of body shop quality repairs, we see too many times that body shops typically don’t perform Master Quality mechanical work and most can agree on that. Loose, incorrect and often times missing fasteners are found after a body shop visit. If you do require body shop repairs we recommend Detail’s Limited 972-392-2277 ask for Ron, as we perform their BMW specific needs, and they have been in business for over 27 years.

Furthermore this week at Ultimate Bimmer Service we helped two 335i customers get their waste gates/turbos warrantied. How is this you may ask? The dealer will require you to replace the vacuum lines for the control circuit of the waste gates BEFORE they can warranty the turbocharger itself. We can replace the vacuum lines with the correct BMW Original Parts that are required for warranty acceptance at half the cost the dealer will quote.

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