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Sources of Coolant Leaks in BMW 7-Series

There are many vital parts of a vehicle that are necessary and major damage can occur if they are not working properly. The cooling system is an example of one of those important systems. There can be bigger issues created by problems with the cooling system, such as a leak caused by a damaged part. The BMW 7-series is one of many cars that can be affected by this issue.

BMW Coolant Antifreeze Tank

The Importance of Coolant

Coolant is important to the cooling of a car so that it does not overheat. The coolant is usually a 50/50 combination of water and antifreeze, which stays in the radiator of a car. There is a combination of both to offset the water getting evaporated from the heat in the engine. The water would also freeze in colder temperatures without the antifreeze, hence the name.

Heating in the engine is caused by the excess energy created from the gasoline burning, which creates heat energy or exhaust. This exhaust needs to be removed, or else it can cause the vehicle to overheat and become damaged. Coolant is pushed through the engine by a water pump to absorb and eliminate the excess heat. The liquid mixture goes through the thermostat and back into the radiator. The radiator brings in outside air to cool the mixture, which is then pushed back through the engine for another cycle.

Coolant Problems

The coolant and the process that pushes it throughout the engine is vital to keeping a car cool, but problems can arise with this system like with any part of a car. There are several signs that there may be a coolant leak. One sign is if the engine on your car is running warmer whenever you use it, which is due to coolant leaks becoming larger over a period of time and use. Another sign is if the cooling system starts to boil because there is not enough pressure being applied, which causes the engine to overheat right away. The check engine light may turn on with the first two signs. The coolant temperature warning light may come on as well if the engine is unable to be cooled off properly. Two more possible signs are the smell of coolant being detectable anywhere on the vehicle and if it is leaking anywhere in the vehicle or on the ground.

There are several sources that can be the cause of a coolant leak. Parts in the coolant system can break down due to the coolant becoming corrosive. This could be a benefit to getting the cooling system checked out, so the coolant can be flushed to reduce the chances of a leak. Another common source for a coolant leak is the radiator cap, which is what maintains the proper pressure for the cooling system.

The coolant reservoir being contaminated can be a source of a leak. Damage to the engine cylinder, cylinder head, and head gasket are several other things that can also cause a coolant leak. Other factors that can lead to a leak include the weather conditions that a car is driven in, how someone drives their car, or how old the parts are. Any part that is determined as the source of the leak must be replaced because they are not working properly or are damaged.

Coolant Leak Repairs at Ultimate Bimmer Service

An engine coolant leak can occur with any vehicle, and the cooling system needs maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. You must have your car checked out if you notice any signs of a coolant leak, as driving with a leak can lead to overheating and further engine damage to other parts such as the cylinder head gasket.

BMW Engine Overheating

Coolant leaks can be a problem that can arise with many cars including the BMW 7-series. Be sure to bring your vehicle to Ultimate Bimmer Service located in Carrollton and Dallas, Texas for any coolant leak diagnosis, maintenance, or repairs. Our skilled service technicians specialize in BMW service, so we can take care of your coolant leak and get you back out on the road in no time. Stop by or call today to make an appointment.

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