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Importance of the Blower Fan in a BMW

Under the hood, there are a number of parts that go into creating the refined yet adventurous experience you enjoy from your BMW. When any of those parts lose functionality, big or small, there can be heavy impacts on the vehicle as a whole.

If you suspect any of the parts have gone bad under the hood of your car, it is best to take the vehicle in to be serviced right away.

BMW Blower Fan Malfunction

One of the lesser-known but extremely important parts of your car is the blower fan. When this part becomes faulty, it is important to bring it into a trusted BMW technician, as its purpose helps to keep your cabin comfortable.

What does the blower fan do?

In truth, the blower fan is all about the comfort of the passengers within a vehicle, as it deals with the heating and cooling systems of the vehicle. Depending on user input and the temperature requested by the user, the coolant will take a few actions.

Essentially, the only purpose of the blower fan is to move hot or cold air into the cabin at a desired speed. Should you desire a warmer vehicle, coolant that passes through the engine will siphon off some of the heat. The blower fan will transfer that heat into the passenger cabin. The speed at which the fan blows the heated air depends on the settings selected by the driver or passenger.

Fortunately, there are a few signs that the blower fan may be faulty, and any of these signs should be reason to take your BMW in for a quick repair, for the sake of your comfort.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Blower Fan

Here are just a few of the common warning signs that the blower fan may be failing:

Weak Airflow From Vents

You know your car best, and if the airspeed coming from the vents appears to be less than normal, consider taking the vehicle into the shop for a bad blower fan. This can occur regardless of whether the system is pumping hot or cold air. It is clearly just a problem with the blower fan.

Fans Only Blow at a Certain Speed

Another clear indicator that something is wrong with the blower fan is if no air comes out of the system when the fan is set to one speed but flows when the fan is set to another speed.

No Air Coming Through the Vents at All

Perhaps the largest indicator of a bad blower fan is when no air comes through the vents at all, no matter the speed selected.

Why You Should Fix a Bad Blower Fan

There is a big reason to fix the blower fan in your HVAC system. If you cannot identify the fan itself as the problem, this is still a major issue mainly due to the fact that if the cooling and heating system is broken at a major point besides the fan, it could have larger implications on the vehicle itself.

To that end, if the entire coolant system is faulty, it may appear to be a problem with the blower fan. Should this whole system go bad, the engine risks overheating. Even if you suspect it is only the blower fan that has gone bad, you should take your vehicle in to be inspected right away.

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