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Solutions for Alternator Bracket Seal Failure in a BMW

BMW vehicles have an elite reputation globally for car enthusiasts. Each model is sleek, stylish, and powerful with a long-standing history of high performance and longevity. Even so, multiple issues can develop over time with BMWs. It’s important to catch all issues as early as possible before they cause extensive damage. This is true of a bracket seal failure in your alternator.

BMW Alternator

What is an alternator bracket seal?

It is sometimes difficult for car owners to grasp the gravity of the situation when a part begins to fail because they can’t see it and they usually do not know exactly what it does. In order to help you understand a little better, let’s talk about what this bracket seal is and how it relates to the function of your BMW.

The alternator of your car is what generates the battery’s power and allows you to drive. Without it, the engine of your BMW will not run. The bracket of your alternator keeps the part in its proper place. The seal holds the bracket in place. Failure of the seal creates a domino effect, causing problems for your entire engine compartment.

Warning Signs of Alternator Bracket Seal Failure

If this domino effect has been triggered, you will begin to notice several issues in your BMW. Let’s take a look at some warning signs of an alternator bracket seal failure:

Oil leaking from your engine

The oil in your BMW keeps all of the parts lubricated and working properly. Without it, friction causes these parts to break down and can cause extensive damage if the issue is not resolved in a timely manner. The oil is leaking because the seal that held all of the oil inside is broken.

Your engine is overheating

Friction causes heat. When the oil has leaked from the engine, parts are no longer lubricated and they grind together. This friction causes a lot of heat. With even a short amount of driving without oil, your engine will overheat. You will notice a pool of oil underneath your BMW. This will be unmistakable as the oil in an engine is brown/black and can throw off rainbows in the sun. It smells different than any other substance your car may leak, too. Gasoline has its own familiar scent, and coolant is sweet.

The check engine light comes on

This can happen for several different reasons, but a broken bracket seal could be the cause. Anything that causes your BMW to leak oil will cause the light to come on because it negatively impacts the engine.

You may smell something burning

If the oil has leaked onto other parts of your car, the hot surfaces could cause the oil to burn, creating a noxious smell. This happens in severe cases when the leak has been allowed to continue for a while. It is especially dangerous because the hot oil is a fire hazard. It could injure you and others who are with you in the vehicle.

What You Can Do about Alternator Bracket Seal Failures

You may be thinking that one tiny part could easily be replaced by yourself at home, but the issue is more complicated than that. The oil that has leaked out as a result of a seal failure could have harmed other parts of your BMW. BMW Alternator Bracket Seal Issue Check You should bring your car in for an inspection and repairs. The trained specialists at Ultimate Bimmer Service will utilize the most up-to-date diagnostics to inspect and find issues that may cause harm to your engine.

If you want only the best in the business, make an appointment with the qualified technicians at Ultimate Bimmer Service. Any issues that your BMW may be facing will be met with thorough care and precise attention to detail. We will have your car back to its running condition quickly and at less cost to you than dealer prices. Our goal is to become your trusted BMW repair shop for all your needs.

If you are in or around the Carrollton or Dallas areas of Texas, call us or come in to give us a chance to help you with all of your BMW’s repairs, now and in the future.

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