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Reasons for Leaks from Your BMW’s Oil Filter Housing and Gasket

There are a number of parts under the hood of your vehicle that can have problems, even in cars as reliable as BMW. Despite this, rest assured that these issues are completely normal and that getting them fixed usually just takes a quick trip to the mechanic’s shop. There are certain issues that can cause additional problems, however, and these are the issues that you should take care of right away.

BMW Low Engine Oil Light

One such issue is a problem with leaking oil. No matter where oil is leaking from, whether you can visibly see it or not, do not attempt to patch the leak yourself. There are a number of issues that can occur and it is completely possible that the leak isn’t even coming from where you see. You may simply patch one area of the leak but leave another area unattended. Always trust a professional to patch oil leaks from the filter housing and gasket.

Oil: It Gets the Job Done

Oil’s main job is to act as a lubricant for your engine. There are a large number of metal parts underneath the hood that grind against one another as they move. Unfortunately, this can lead to metal shavings and the degradation of those parts which is not something that you want. Fortunately, however, oil exists and acts as the lubricant that stops this.

However, oil also acts as a filter of sorts and, when it moves through the engine, picks up any particles that were left behind by the engine and carries them out to the oil filter where they remain. This keeps your BMW’s engine operating smoothly and as it should. Without oil moving through the system, your vehicle would have a hard time cleaning the engine and its performance could be severely damaged.

Keeping this in mind, there are a few places where oil leaks can occur, namely, the oil filter and the gasket of your BMW. Unfortunately for BMW owners, the gaskets are known to be relatively poor in BMWs and prone to leaking. On the flip side of that, it is a quick fix for a mechanic who knows what they are doing.

Additionally, it is also possible that the oil filter has gotten loose in its casing and is now allowing oil to leak out. Regardless of the specific cause, there are a number of ways oil may be leaking out of those two sources, so it may be beneficial for you to learn the common causes of those leaks and how they can occur.

Causes and Signs of Oil Leaks

Overall, oil leaks coming from the filter or gaskets of your BMW are caused by degradation over time. If you are constantly driving over bumpy surfaces, it was only a matter of time before something got loose and allowed oil to leak through. However, there are a few more common causes and signs below:

  • Spot Between Rubber Gasket and Housing: The area between the rubber gasket and oil filter housing is the area known to be poor at containing oil and is the most likely cause for your oil leak. Over time, this area can become misaligned and oil may begin to leak out of the gap.
  • The Smell of Oil Burning: If there is indeed oil leaking in your engine, you may notice it by the smell of burning oil that appears and takes over the entire passenger cabin. This putrid smell should be easy to notice and should be a reason to take your car into the shop immediately.
  • Low Engine Oil: Low engine oil is a common sign of a leak. Your engine oil should only need to be replaced every three to six months depending on your vehicle and the owner’s manual If the oil seems to be dropping rapidly, consider the fact that you may have a leak somewhere under the hood.

BMW Oil Filter Housing Check

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