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Is Your BMW Sputtering While Driving In & Around Carrollton?

BMW owners are passionate about their cars. This is because BMW offers innovative technology and strong performance while being reliable and fun to drive. If you own a BMW, it is vital that you take proper care of it and have it serviced regularly, or you may end up dealing with sputtering problems.

What is sputtering?

If your vehicle is sputtering, it means that it isn’t getting enough fuel or power. If you experience sputtering and press down on the gas pedal and the sputtering doesn’t stop, this is a sign that there is an issue with the power supply. If it does stop, there is an issue with fuel delivery.

BMW Sputtering

Common Reasons for Sputtering

Exhaust Manifold Leak

If the exhaust manifold has a leak, it can cause the engine to run unevenly and sputter. If you are experiencing this issue, your check engine light should be triggered. Do not continue to drive your vehicle with a cracked or leaking exhaust manifold because it can be dangerous. The escaping gases damage adjacent components. The fumes can also make their way into the car’s cabin.

A Leak in the Vacuum System

If the vacuum system has a leak, it can lead to a sputtering, rough running, hesitation and stalling.

Clogged Fuel Injectors

The nozzles of fuel injectors can get clogged over time. If they cannot spray the right amount of fuel, this can cause sputtering, slow acceleration, and the loss of power. The injectors can be cleaned if the issue is caught early. They will need to be replaced, if they are too bad.

Catalytic Converter Failure

If your BMW is sputtering and you smell rotten eggs, there is a good chance that your catalytic converter is failing. When it begins to fail, it cannot properly deal with the sulfur that is created by the engine. Once the part completely fails, your car will not start. Usually, when your catalytic converter is having issues, your check engine light will be triggered.

Faulty Oxygen Sensors

Faulty oxygen sensors will not be able to measure the exhaust gases when they leave the vehicle’s combustion chamber. Your BMW uses this data to determine how much fuel needs to enter the engine. A failing sensor can allow for too much or not enough fuel to enter into the engine. If the right amount of fuel isn’t used, it will lead to your car running rough or sputtering.

Dirty or Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. If they are dirty or faulty, they will not be able to ignite the fuel properly leading to sputtering and misfires.

Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor

If the mass airflow sensor in your BMW is dirty, it will not be able to measure the amount of air entering the fuel injection system. This measurement is used by the vehicle’s computer so it knows how much fuel to deliver to the combustion chamber.

Worn Out Seals or Gaskets

Gaskets and seals can wear out over time and lead to a sputtering engine. When they dry out and crack, they need to be replaced right away. Failing to do so can damage the exhaust manifold.

How to Prevent Sputtering in Your BMW

The best way to prevent sputtering is by performing preventative routine maintenance. Having maintenance performed helps to keep components running properly, while preventing future failures. Keeping current on your maintenance schedule will reduce the chance of experiencing sputtering.

We Offer Complete BMW Service and Repairs

At Ultimate Bimmer Service, our formally-educated, factory-trained BMW Level 1 Master Certified Technicians will provide you with the best service around. Our shop is fully equipped with the latest 3rd Generation BMW advanced diagnostics technology and software reprogramming. Having this technology and the knowledge of our technicians allows us to fix your car right the very first time, and we will do it cheaper and faster than a dealership.

BMW Preventive Check List

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If you are experiencing sputtering issues with your BMW or require routine maintenance and are in the Carrolton or Dallas, TX areas give us a call today. You can reach our Ultimate Bimmer Service office at 972-418-1800 or come see us at 1700 Surveyor Blvd. Suite 114.

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