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How BimmerTech Can Improve Your BMW

Auto repair and maintenance is an ongoing, necessary cost—especially for BMW drivers; such tasks are necessary in order to uphold the integrity of the BMW brand and keep performance levels at their peak. However, with the advancement of technology in recent decades, aftermarket options give drivers the opportunity to do some serious updating to their BMW’s performance and convenience features. Now more than ever, there are fun and exciting ways to upgrade your BMW—no matter what model you drive. Technological developments have allowed for more opportunity in performance, convenience, and yes, even entertainment in your BMW. It’s called BimmerTech: the various options for BMW drivers that enhance the driving experience and make your Bimmer even more of an impressive machine to drive. If you aren’t familiar with how this technology can improve your BMW, do yourself a favor and read further.

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What is BimmerTech?

BimmerTech is a blanket term for aftermarket technology upgrades that can be applied to existing BMW models. Depending on what you’d like to upgrade in your BMW, certain technology options can improve the performance, convenience, or entertainment aspects of the car. BimmerTech options make your car more technologically advanced and enjoyable—especially on those long drives. Some of the options include: navigation, park assist, and audio retrofits, and performance exhaust systems. Navigation doesn’t come stock in all BMW models, and including the aftermarket part in your BMW can greatly improve the quality of your navigation experience. Other drivers may be more drawn to helpful features like park assist which usually involves installing cameras and software in your BMW that can increase your parking skill greatly. Depending on your individual needs and the specific model you drive, certain options may be more appealing than others. It will be helpful to speak with a professional who is knowledgeable about all the BimmerTech options that are available for your specific vehicle and how they may best suit you.

Options for All BMW Models

As previously mentioned, there are many different BimmerTech options for different BMW models, and each option is specifically tailored to the typical needs of those who drive the specific models. For instance, the BMW X1-F48 model can include convenience retrofits like advanced keyless entry and lock systems that come in handy when you have your arms full of groceries. Because the X1 is usually driven by BMW enthusiasts with families to transport, BimmerTech developed specific options with these clients in mind. Other BMW drivers may want to upgrade their exhaust system; a BMW 3-Series, for instance, has BimmerTech options available that can help monitor and improve their emissions and efficiency.

The Importance of BMW-Specific Skill

Taking your car to any European import shop, you will find technicians who are skilled at working with a wide range of German-engineered vehicles, which may include BMW or MINI cars. Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to automotive care—every vehicle is different and unique, and so are the people who drive them. It is essential that only professionals who are specifically trained and skilled at working with BMWs repair and maintain your Bimmer—otherwise issues can be improperly addressed or diagnosed, leaving you with an expensive and inaccurate repair service. Finding a shop that specializes in only BMW automotive work is critical to ensure the longevity and performance of your vehicle. Furthermore, BMW-specific shops are much more likely to have the proper training to install BimmerTech components, as these installations require a thorough level of understanding about various BMW models and software.

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How We Can Improve Your BMW

The experts at Ultimate Bimmer Service are skilled and highly knowledgeable in working with the plethora of BimmerTech products. With over 30 years of combined experience, our technicians are true Master BMW techs that are ASE certified; in other words, every individual who comes into contact with your BMW is specifically trained to repair and maintain all BMW models. Furthermore, we offer dealership-competitive pricing so that you don’t feel obligated to bring your car to a BMW dealership only; in fact, many of our clients complain about the lack of skill and expensive pricing often found at nearby dealerships in the Carrolton and Dallas, Texas areas. For more individualized, specialized vehicle care, contact us to schedule a consultation to go over what BimmerTech products are best for you and your specific needs, or simply stop by to meet our friendly staff. We look forward to enhancing your BMW driving experience!

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BMW X1d Key image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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