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Benefits of BMW Performance Upgrades

BMWs are already known for their stellar engineering, design, and unrivaled performance—very little needs to be done to these fantastic machines to make them even greater than they already are. However, some enthusiasts are hungry for even more power or higher levels of performance, and there are ways to alter BMWs to make them an even greater force to be reckoned with. Perhaps the most important first step in discovering how you can modify your BMW to your liking is to evaluate what you’d like more of. Power, endurance, and all-around heightened performance levels are the main areas of interest for BMW enthusiasts world-wide, and there have been impressive developments in technology that can greatly improve these areas. If you are considering a BMW performance upgrade, here are some of the benefits of some of the most popular items or procedures that can take your Bimmer to the next level:

New BMW M6

Cold Air Intake

Replacing your stock air intake system with an aftermarket air intake can greatly increase your performance in your BMW. The main benefit of a cold air intake system is that it improves the quality and rate of acceleration in your car, and the difference is indeed noticeable. Although BMWs have powerful stock systems to begin with, replacing it with a cold air intake is simply more efficient. The cold air intake system is on the exterior of the engine compartment in order to draw in colder air than the air being circulated inside your engine compartment. When the air that is drawn in is cooler than before, the denser, more oxygenated air provides more power to your engine.

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems should be considered to be installed alongside a cold air intake system in your BMW. In other words, an upgraded exhaust is likely part two of building a more efficient, more powerful performance intake/exhaust system. Imagine that the intake and exhaust are part of the same entity—much like a pair of human lungs—it breathes air in, and then blows it out. If the function of drawing air in is modified, but not the manner in which air is blown out, then only half of the job is done. Upgrading to an aftermarket performance exhaust system makes the air flow through your BMW’s engine much more efficiently by allowing a clearer path for the used fuel/air combination to escape.

Tuners and Programmers

As nearly all vehicles engineered today are technologically-based, we must think of ways to upgrade the technologically-related performance items in BMW engines. Tuning and programming your BMW to perform more efficiently and give the engine more power is done through your car’s ECU (engine control unit). Originally, these are programmed and tuned at settings most useful to the average driver. The ECU optimizes the vehicle’s operation based on average driving habits—when we know that BMWs are capable of much more than “average.” Upgrading to tuners and programmers that alter the ECU’s settings for more power and efficiency can greatly enhance your BMW’s capabilities.

Performance Suspension

Although most BMW drivers won’t be seen off-roading through the mud, performance suspension parts can do much more than turn your car into an off-road vehicle. Your BMW’s suspension is what allows you to feel control of the vehicle and stability while taking hard turns at higher speeds. Furthermore, it enables your car to accelerate more efficiently and stop on a dime if necessary. Upgraded suspension parts like sway bars and coil springs can give your BMW a stiffer suspension, giving the car a high-performance feel and overall better rigidity.

Drift BMW Car

How We Can Help

At Ultimate Bimmer Service, we only apply upgraded performance methods that are synonymous with the driver’s individual needs. Serving the areas of Carrolton and Dallas, Texas, we find that no driver is alike, and we make it our mission to tailor our approach to upgrades on a client-by-client basis. We make sure to only give suggestions that will be affordable, cost-effective, and most beneficial to our client’s wishes. Furthermore, our ASE Master certified BMW technicians are highly skilled and trained to work with all BMW models. If you are upgrading to higher-performance parts, rest assured we only use genuine, original BMW parts and accessories and the highest quality OEM parts. If you have questions about how to upgrade your BMW’s performance, contact us to schedule a consultation or simply speak with one of our BMW specialists.

BMW M6 image credit goes to: bizoo_n.

Drift BMW Car image credit goes to: SDivin09.

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