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Common Causes for a Rattling Roof on Your BMW E93 Convertible

Driving BMW’s E93 retractable-hardtop convertible is exciting and carefree. If you are in a place with a good amount of sunshine, there is no better feeling than throwing the convertible roof back and experiencing a relaxing drive, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin.

When the BMW E93 was first released, it was the top of its class. What set this vehicle apart from the other similar vehicles was that it took advantage of a hardtop roof. This was not a common feature when the BMW E93 first came out, and the design of it was just as unique under the hood as was the superior craftsmanship of the E93’s comfortable interior. This roof was also uniquely-easy to use by simply pushing a button on the key fob.

BMW E93 3-series

The E93 is still an enthusiast’s favorite due to its spacious cabin and ease of the hardtop’s conversion to the top-down style. However, one of the main issues that occurs with the E93 is the rattling of the convertible roof. We’ve put together the most common causes of this issue so you have more knowledge about the hardtop’s components and can also discuss it with your trusted mechanic when you take it in for repair.

Rattling Latches

The latches of your convertible hardtop can be the main cause of the annoying rattle. You can test for this by physically placing your hand on the roof and applying a little pressure near the latches or even at certain pressure points. If the rattle goes away, you will have an idea of what to discuss with your trusted BMW technician. There are many components that make up the convertible roof’s latches, including washers, pins, and seals. If any of these components break or begin to wear down, your rattle could be quickly and inexpensively repaired by your mechanic.

Low Convertible Fluid

In order for your BMW E93 convertible roof to function properly with no rattling, it needs enough hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid is responsible for ensuring that the convertible opens and closes as is expected. If the fluid is low, then the roof may rattle as it is opening and closing. Just like all the other fluids in your BMW E93, the convertible roof hydraulic fluid needs to be maintained at the proper level.

The container for the hydraulic fluid is usually located in the trunk under the lining. The container will have two lines on it: one that says MIN and a second that says MAX. The oil should be filled enough to reach the MAX line without going over. If the fluid is low near the MIN line, then it is time to add more.

The Convertible Roof Motor

Another cause behind the rattling of your BMW E93 convertible roof could be due to the motor. In order to function as expected, the components of the hardtop convertible need to be in the best shape. There are many parts that make up the motor, and all are crucial in ensuring the proper function. If any part of the motor has worn down, broken, or come loose, then the motor is not able to operate as you have come to expect.

With a compromised motor, the convertible roof may rattle as it is opening or closing. If parts are loose or broken, they may rattle or grind against each other, potentially leaving you with a convertible roof that may become stuck partially open. This could leave your car vulnerable to weather and theft issues. It is important to have your BMW serviced as soon as you notice any potential problems to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.

BMW E93 Convertible Rattling Roof Fix

Repairing a Rattling Convertible Roof

Once you notice that your convertible roof is rattling, bring your BMW in for service at Ultimate Bimmer Services. If left unchecked, further damage can occur which can lead to unnecessary repairs. Ultimate Bimmer Services are your community’s leading experts in BMWs of all models. We are located in Carrolton and Dallas, TX and proudly serve the surrounding areas. We utilize the most up-to-date equipment and technology to inspect and diagnose problems with your BMW. We offer fast solutions with excellent-quality replacement parts at affordable prices. We look forward to meeting you and building a trusted working relationship so we are your choice for all your future BMW service and maintenance needs.

* BMW E93 3-series image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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