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N63, N74, N54 Injector Update

BMW’s direct injected engines have had a little rough going early on namely in the N54, which thankfully has been improved with warranties and parts from BMWNA that have corrected the High Pressure Pump (HDP) failure. But the fuel injectors have had their share of issues throughout with no extended warranty offered from BMW. Thankfully new injectors were recently released from BMW for the N63, N74, and N54 with “improved internal filtering” and “special thermo compensating oil”. Unfortunately the new injectors have “calibration” and “construction differences” that prevent them from being intermixed with older style injectors “index 10”, but they can be intermixed with newer “index 11” injectors. So in some cases of injector failure BMW owners might have to replace ALL fuel injectors depending on which injectors are already equipped on their BMW. BMW injector replacement requires sensitive calibration with BMW diagnostic equipment; we proudly utilize the most up to date ISTA-D system. If your BMW 135i, 335i, 535i, 550i, X3 35i, X5 35i, X5 50i, 740i, 750i, 760i, or any other BMW with 1st generation direct injection requires injector replacement you will find only the highest quality and best price with us. We guarantee the best deal in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Area for top quality BMW service and repair for your BMW.

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