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Why do BMWs Need an Oxygen Sensor?

Your BMW is packed with technologically-advanced systems that are at the very cutting edge of motoring engineering. Modern cars rely greatly on sensors within their various systems to ensure factors such as air flow, fuel injection, and handling. These components are precisely managed by onboard computers and sensors to maintain your high-performance engine. An important sensor your BMW relies on is the oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensors are important to the operation of your vehicle and serve several essential roles. In this article, we will look closer at the oxygen sensor, finding out what is does and why it is so important to your BMW.

BMW Oxygen Sensor

What is an oxygen sensor and what does it do?

Your BMW’s oxygen sensor, also referred to as the O2 sensor, is a key part that is found within the exhaust system. Its main role is to study the chemical composition of your vehicle’s exhaust emissions. It reports the data it collects to the onboard computer (OBD) which interprets it into information to guarantee peak engine performance.

To operate efficiently, you engine needs a precise ratio of air and fuel. This will ensure combustion is successful and steady as the vehicle runs. The oxygen sensor plays an important role in ensuring this ratio remains perfect, as it helps the OBD adjust its measurements when needed.

Why is the Oxygen Sensor So Important

Aside from the above points, the oxygen sensor also helps to regulate the exhaust system as well as help ensure engine timing. Without this part working correctly, a variety of problems will start to occur, as we’ll find out next.

Symptoms of Oxygen Sensor Failure

Being aware of the signs and symptoms of oxygen sensor failure will help you to maintain the peak performance of your BMW’s engine as well as safeguard its overall health. Listed below are the most common symptoms that you should be aware of as well as act upon:

1. Lowered Engine Performance

Maximum engine performance requires every part of your car to be working optimally, which is why regular maintenance and servicing is so important. One of the key parts that can impact the overall performance is the oxygen sensor. An O2 sensor that is on the fritz can contribute to an increase in misfires as well as stalling and poor idling.

2. Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Most luxury vehicles are well known for their impressive fuel economy, and when parts begin to fail, the difference in gas mileage is usually quickly noticed. Damage to the O2 sensor can result in your car running rich, which is where there is more fuel than oxygen used, which will result in your BMW guzzling fuel.

3. Illumination of Check Engine Light

The check engine light illuminating is never a good sign, as it indicates a potentially severe problem with your engine or its related systems. Therefore, it is essential that this issue is addressed ASAP. If you oxygen sensor is to blame, then certain trouble or error codes will be reported, which your mechanic can discover through simple diagnostic tests.

How to Prevent Oxygen Sensor Failure

As previously mentioned in this article, the number one way to ensure all parts of your car are working correctly is to keep on top of maintenance and servicing routines. By regularly bringing your BMW to a professional auto shop, you are ensuring its overall health, as an issue discovered will likely be minor and quick and affordable to fix. This means that should issues occur, they will be dealt with before they’ve managed to take hold and negatively impact the performance of your vehicle.

However, sometimes problems can suddenly strike So when this happens, the best thing you can do is to seek diagnostic repair work at your earliest convenience from a trusted source.

BMW Oxygen Sensor Check

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