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Where to Take Your BMW for Suspension Repair in Carrollton

In order to remain at the high-performance level that your BMW vehicle offers, it is crucial that all parts are serviced and maintained. One group of parts that require immediate repair if failure or damage occurs is the suspension system.

The suspension has many functions in your BMW that allows you and your passengers to have a comfortable and secure ride. This is why the suspension should be repaired as soon as possible if any of the signs outlined below is noticed.

BMW Suspension Issues

The Importance of BMW Suspension

The BMW suspension serves multiple purposes, including evenly supporting the weight of the vehicle, maximizing the contact between the tires and the road surface, providing good handling and steering stability, and absorbing and dampening shock to ensure a comfortable ride.

The suspension system was made to withstand significantly more stress than other parts in your BMW to ensure that components remain functional to perform their necessary role. The suspension system consists of the tires, springs, shock absorbers, struts, arms, bearings, and joints. Each part works together to ensure that your every ride is smooth and stable.

A significant component that allows this to happen is the tires. The amount of air in the tires is crucial. If there is too little or too much air, the suspension system becomes ineffective and could possibly lead to a dangerous tire blowout.

Signs of the Suspension Needing Repair

The best way to know if your BMW’s suspension needs repair is to be aware of the negative signs that will emerge.

The first sign of suspension failure is a rough ride. Your BMW was built for performance and speed while being able to provide a smooth ride. The moment you begin to feel all the bumps and cracks in the road, there is an issue with the suspension. If your BMW bounces every time it goes over an imperfection in the road, then it is time to get the suspension repaired.

Another sign that points to the suspension needing repair is your BMW drifting or pulling when you make turns. As previously mentioned, one of the functions of the suspension is to provide you with stability as your drive. With the suspension failing, it will no longer be able to stabilize your BMW against the force that is created while turning. So your vehicle may drift. This can be dangerous because you could end up turning into the incorrect lane or into another vehicle.

Another warning of suspension failure is uneven tire tread wear and tear. If the suspension is no longer able to evenly hold the weight of your BMW, the tires are going to experience inconsistent wear. For example, if the suspension on the back, left-hand side has failed, it will not be able to hold that side of your vehicle. This will cause excessive pressure on that tire and cause it to have more wear in the tire treads than the other three tires.

Another suspension failure symptom is dips or nose dives when stopping. As the shocks give out, your BMW will begin to lurch forward every time your step on the brakes. This can quickly have a negative effect on your ability to stop. The longer the shocks and suspension are left ignored, the greater amount of time it will take to stop your vehicle, eventually leading to the inability to perform a sudden stop if need be.

Trust Ultimate Bimmer Service to Repair your BMW’s Suspension

As pointed out above, the suspension in your BMW plays a large role in your ability to control and stabilize your vehicle. If you notice any signs of suspension failure, you should bring your BMW in for service immediately.

The best place to go to have the suspension repaired is Ultimate Bimmer Service. We are located near Carrollton and Dallas, TX. Our certified technicians offer over 30 years of combined experience, backed by in-depth BMW certifications.

BMW Suspension Issues Fix

As we only service BMWs, our knowledge of these vehicles is extensive, and this is put to use by giving you competitive pricing and a value that is untouchable when it comes to our services.

To repair the suspension in your BMW, we use factory-grade tools and equipment along with high-quality parts. The excellent customer service and extended warranty provided by our company will leave you confident with the service performed on the suspension in your BMW. Call us today to speak to one of our customer service reps.

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