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When Should You Replace the Ignition Module on Your BMW?

When you make the decision to purchase a BMW, you know that you are making an investment into a quality vehicle. Not only do they look good, but they perform even better. All of the models have a sleek design with an inside to match. You will feel thrilled and exhilarated driving your new BMW.

In addition to the performance and design, BMWs are also great cars for the family because they have high safety ratings. All of these reasons were probably taken into consideration when you purchased your BMW, but now as your car gets older you are noticing some maintenance problems. One of the issues that you may come across is an issue with the ignition module. In order to determine if your BMW requires an ignition module replacement, you will need to know what symptoms to look out for.

BMW Ignition Module Check

What is the Ignition Module?

The ignition module is the breaker inside the ignition that turns the ignition coil on or off. When the car key is inserted and turned in the ignition, it is sending a signal to the ignition module to send a spark to the coil so the car can start and turn on. Without the ignition module, the ignition coil would not have the charge it needs in order to turn on. A simpler way to think of the ignition module is to think of it as a switch. When the switch is flipped then the vehicle will turn on. When the switch is flipped the opposite direction then the vehicle will be turned off. Without the ignition module, the vehicle would not start.

Sudden and Unexpected Failure

One of the first, and major, signs that the ignition module needs to be replaced is if your BMW stalls unexpectedly and will not start again. This will happen if the ignition module has had a loss of power. This loss of power could be due to corroded or loose electrical wires. If you are feeling mechanical and have the time, then you can test the ignition module yourself by using a light timing tester. This tester will tell you how strong the output of the ignition module is. You will connect the timer to the battery and see if the timer blinks when you are turning the ignition. If the timer indicates no blinking light then there is an issue with the ignition module. Of course, this is not something you absolutely have to do. If your BMW stops suddenly and will not start then you can take in it to a professional to have it inspected.


If your BMW begins to overheat when it never did before, this is a second sign that it may be time to replace the ignition module. You will quickly be able to tell if your BMW is overheating because it will begin to stall and the temperature gauge on your dash will indicate temperatures far exceeding the norm.

Another indication of overheating will be smoke coming from the engine. The smoke may not be coming from the ignition module itself, but from other parts that have been negatively affected by the worn out ignition module. As the ignition module is overheating, other problems can occur as well. Some of these other problems include engine stuttering, lower gas mileage, gasoline odors coming from the exhaust, and electrical shortages. Overheating in your BMW is a serious issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible by a trained technician.

Servicing Your BMW

Ultimate Bimmer Service is the best place in Texas to take your BMW for servicing. Conveniently accessible from the areas of Carrolton and Dallas, TX, we work only on BMWs. This means that our technicians are all factory-trained in everything BMW and will always remain up to date on all certifications that are required. We are able to devote time to our speciality, which means that you are going to get the best service around.

BMW 5-series (G30)

We will offer you very affordable pricing, while not sacrificing the quality of care and service we provide to you and your BMW. When you bring in your BMW because you suspect that the ignition module may need replacing, our technicians will run a complete diagnostic using the latest equipment so we can get your BMW repaired and back out on the road quickly.

* BMW 5-series (G30) image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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